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  1. As someone who brought Ash to 1 hour T4S just spamming Bladestorm (taking advantage of melee combo and steel charge), I'd say he's viable. Just quite boring. Going for invi build is boring as well since enemies totally cannot fight back. In short, he is viable. Just boring.
  2. Seriously, I don't get it. Spy is one of the mission I always hope to see on sorties simply because it's the easiest out there.
  3. Even if there are tons of added feature YET it remains a melee buff, you can't really consider it a new ability, a melee buff is a melee buff. There's no such thing as you add this and that to this "melee buff" and it becomes a new ability.
  4. People should stop dissing off on Contagion. Contagion was a solid melee buff before, it gives Saryn more armor ignoring damage by using her melee weapon. It was just when Damage 2.0 came where Contagion became horrible due to diminishing effectiveness after stacking it together with some elem mods. It doesn't need to be replaced. It just needs to be improved, Damage 2.0 nerfed it. It just needs to get back to it's old glorious state with a solid rework. With the "current" rework, if it doesn't have stacking limitations, it will be quite similar to the old Acrid which will make it definitely one of the best melee buffs out there.
  5. Obviously another ignorant who doesn't really know how to play Banshee but jumped to the bandwagon when she got that resonance bug on the recent patch. Also, even w/o resonance, long ago, Banshee was already one of the best frames so get your facts straight. Banshee's going nowhere and will maintain her spot on top of the list.
  6. Upon reading the complete changelog, at first it would look nice but once you think about applying it into actual fights, this is where it gets complicated. Although, that additional DoT on Contagion based on melee damage (mods considered) seems like the idea that I gave on my thread, although w/o any noted limitations on stacking, I hope it does not have stacking limitation like the old Acrid. Anyways, about the "complication" I mentioned. I'll just list down the problem per ability. Venom The main problem of this skill is it's just too hassle to use. It has rather small infection range which means you need to re-cast it and re-do the mechanics per enemy wave. I have two suggestions for this skill. Suggestion 1: Make the range affected by range mods and let the remaining spores pop by itself upon the affected target's death. Since the infection will be more reliable, this would lessen the frequency of recasts. Suggestion 2: Making it a radial skill that requires no targetting and will infect 3 nearest targets and will pop the remaining spores upon the affected target's death. Reduce the cast time by 50% and keep it's fixed range. This would make casting the skill ALOT less hassle. Molt This skill is barely reliable. You don't need to use it on low levels since low levels would barely scratch Saryn. While on high levels, it dies rather quick. The explosion has very small damage and very small range. This skill is pure terrible, it does have it's use on some scenarios but it's useless in most cases. Suggestion 1: Make it a real defensive ability. I don't like adding a Snow Globe mechanic to it because that thing is getting repetetive and it's boring but it makes more sense than the current changes. Suggestion 2: Make it heal Saryn upon use and apply a 100% damage reduction buff that decreases overtime. Contagion I am happy with the changes. Although I hope that the toxin procs can be stacked infinitely. I see some people are unhappy with it being exclusive to melee but as a melee user myself, I don't see any problem making Saryn melee focused especially since you can also use Constitution now with positive effects on Saryn's other skills. It might need to buff Saryn's survivability though, maybe something like +50% armor per enemy kill and stacks up to 4 times. Miasma This needs to be a much more reliable CC. Cast time is crying to be reduced. To be honest, I'm fine if the damage on this skill is completely removed but make it a very strong CC like Radial Disarm. It doesn't need to replicate what Radial Disarm does but make it a very good CC on par with it. Might as well rename it too. Also DE, you guys need to take note how effective/useless DoT is in this game. In low levels areas, DoT doesn't matter because the enemy just dies from about anything anyways. On higher levels, enemy does lethal damage where you want to obliterate them way faster than DoT or just use a CC skill before killing them with your guns/melee. The game is ridiculously fast paced, DoT has barely any use.
  7. Theory has too much major flaws. It was already mentioned that the warframes are frames built around the tenno to control their powers because these powers gave them pain or some sort of disease/illness. The tenno has flesh and physical form, which explains why there are male and female frames, its also the reason why cryostasis was needed since flesh rots. Limbo theorem implies that you can switch from frame to frame but does that automatically mean that you are simply a soul jumping from a frame to another frame? No. There are blueprints before you craft a frame which means the frame can be adjusted to fit the tenno. Although of course, it just makes sense that the final crafted frames doesn't need to show how it would look like after re-adjustments. DE just needs to show how the warframe "originally" looked like. Why do Phorid and Jordas Golem kept saying we are one with them? One with the infestation? I don't know why this is not obvious enough for other people. Just take a look at the warframes. The warframes are SIMPLY made out of infested tissues which is why Phorid and Jordas are confusing us as one of the infestation. Go to your foundry and check what's needed to craft the warframes. There is simply one exception, Oberon, I don't know why Oberon doesn't need any nano spore or plastid, must be an oversight.
  8. At first I did dislike Archwing but you know there was a day when I got desperate and brought my uber sh*tty gears on Uranus so I can rank up faster. I tried dodging the bullet rains using the new overthrust feature and chain melee-ing the enemies 1 by 1. I never knew Archwing could be that skill-based, now I'm also a big fan of Archwing.
  9. I'm curious, can you give the specific range? Because Orthos Prime with maxed Primed Reach is at 10 meter range.
  10. I can totally relate to you OP. I just cant stop using my Orthos Prime. I tried every single melee out there but nothing can compare to Orthos Prime and it's ridiculous range with a maxed Primed Reach. I'm even ranking warframes on Draco with just Orthos Prime, even really squishy frames like Equinox.
  11. Or just ignore the whole graph which isn't really entirely needed and focus on learning the main formula. Which is simply energy cost multiplied to current duration efficiency. I've already made a seperate thread regarding it. I did my best to explain it in grade-school level. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/542340-not-a-major-nerf-new-duration-efficiency-mechanics-explained-with-tldr/
  12. No, DE didn't screw up on the math. It is you who screwed up and doesn't get how the new formula works. I already made a thread regarding this but it was just ignored because of people who can't brain a few math. Here's the link https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/537751-feedback-on-ember-changes-including-a-good-build-and-efficiency-formula/#entry6041478 You could also use this and the other people on this thread so they get to see the whole picture of these changes. It is NOT a nerf for every frames, it was to balance some. To be honest, Excal is still barely affected by these change unless you're using Blind Rage, quite same for the other frames. OP should also frigging edit this thread already and put my thread or at least the new formula on the first post so that every people who went here to rant can be ENLIGHTENED first regarding the changes and finally decide not to rant and simply adjust. I already gave a spoonfeed build on the TLDR part of my thread yet the thread is still ignored.
  13. Then your testing and changing builds is wrong and have led you to wrong conclusion. Read the whole formula I gave on the thread I linked then perhaps you could finally see how the changes aren't so bad as people are saying it to be.
  14. I'm impressed. Ever bothered trying to backread abit? Put maxed Streamline and Fleeting Expertise on your build and you will still get capped efficiency on your toggable and other skills even with negative duration, there's no punishment for lowering duration there. Just try to understand the changes first and don't jump the gun like how other people did. Let's not increase the number of people who can't brain what's actually going on.
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