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  1. Just want to report this issue and I created the topic here since this is not platform specific. https://imgur.com/V6C6lBZ
  2. Get a life. I mean it in the most respectful and genuine way. It's a game. It's meant as ONE form of entertainment and not the meaning of life. If anyone has had fun for a few hundred hours then it's given you more joy than most games out there. Also, ignore complaints from streamers or Youtubers because their complaints mostly stem from not making enough money from the game instead of actually having fun as a player.
  3. I quite like this series too. It's fun and I can choose what I like to do and when I do them for the most part. Let's not forget how good the rewards are. Most companies out there will bundle them into like 20 lootboxes and sell them at $10 each. This includes some $60 games.
  4. No game is meant to be played forever. Those Youtubers/streamers play it like a job and getting money out of it. They are really not in the same category as the majority of players so their complaints really need to be treated differently which is, different ways of saying "I'm not making enough money out of this" more often than not instead of the actual quality of the game as a player.
  5. Clan name: xLastxAlliancex Clan tier: Shadow Clan Clan platform: Switch Your Clan role: Warlord The clan is built to reflect different seasons in nature. As this contest takes place in summer, the images selected below also focus on capturing the vibrancy of summer. Feature Image Other Images All images above could also be viewed through this link: https://imgur.com/a/vRlc4ei Good luck to all participating Dojos too! 😄
  6. Firstly, you need to toggle to run every time you load into a new map/mission. Different frames have different base speed. Also, if you are comparing yourself with other players then they most likely have different types of speed mods equipped on either frame or weapon that increase movement speed.
  7. Haha yes but more like don't count on it. You will end up with a bronze mod half of the time and if it affects you, like you feel that you've wasted 3 rare mods and a core, it's probably better to stay away. It's really just in-game gambling so you get the most out of it when you are not attached to the result.
  8. It's definitely worth it IMO. I got quite a few rare mods in the process that I still won't have till this day from drops. But the chance is low and completely random so you need to manage your expectation.
  9. When you like the weapon. Seriously, most weapons are more than decent of handling the game so it comes down to preference at the end of the day. Forma isn't also not rare or hard to obtain so don't be afraid to change your mind.
  10. I can confirm that Phase 2 drops Atmos but the drop rate is low. It took me 1 week to get 10 and I ran it everyday.
  11. I'm not questioning your answer but did they change this recently? Mine is level 40 long time ago and I clearly remembered barely using it because I don't like great swords much (still don't).
  12. So that I won't ever come across their replies or post? There are some users who reply to every other posts with little input and snarky attitude but I don't think they are exactly reportable yet. Just trying to curate what I see and find useful info with ease.
  13. Sweeet. I can finally find a reason to use my pretty Banshee Hope he/she ignores me as well. Your guide is great and I scroll down to find someone being snarky and pick on the.. font size? SMH
  14. Someone did the calculation before, crit damage is better point for point.
  15. 1. Up to you but unlocking the star chart is recommended because it unlocks fissure nodes. 2. Don't reset. There's nothing in the beginning that you can't learn later. Bring up the training mode in your index and practice there if you need to. 3. There are 2 types of prime available for farming, new release and unvaulting of previously released primes. Wukong is the latest NEW release while Rhino and Nyx have been released previously and are being UNvaulted now. All will be locked away after some time and the only ways to obtain them after are: Buy from other players Leftover relics from the time when they were available in-game Wait tor them to be unvaulted again.
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