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  1. With dojo, is it possible that you'll allow decorations to more easily be placed inside one another when free placement is selected? Like, no hitbox collisions or "invalid placement" when placing and moving decorations through one another. The biggest annoyance I had with decorating is that I'm fighting with the decorations to sort of place them together in a cohesive appearance.
  2. Zephyr has got a lot of neat buffs but she still has some room to improve. So. Here's a quick list of Zephyr changes I want now; Passive including a 50% additive increase for weapons while in the air, applied after mods and before buffs, applying only to the total damage. She has the ability to easily weave through the air, yet has no reason to make use of it. Also a change to the floaty passive; holding crouch will let you drop much faster while in the air. Anchored Glide removing said bonus damage in the air, also having a 20% ability strength and completely ignores knoc
  3. Just posting again to add more information. The invites send PSN invites instead of in game invites as it properly should, leading to situations where you can't properly invite people anymore. Like I said, critical issue that needs looked into.
  4. Due to the first Nezha hotfix which included PS5 changes, invites were completely broken. You cannot invite other players at all. A suggestion would be to work on setting the invite system to be like it was before the nezha prime hotfixes. Of course, I feel like it isn't cut and dry, but it would be a start. (Also unrelated thing. Having psn friends will force fill up your friends list, limiting the amount of actual warframe friends. Would be cool if the lists were separate)
  5. Is there a chance that Zephyr's airburst synergy will get updated? The tornadoes don't benefit from airburst but a way you could make the synergy work better is making it so that when you use airburst on a tornado it increase the pull and damage transfer range of the tornadoes. Also I'm kinda worried about funnel clouds. Will they be tedious to spawn all of them in a single position or no? And final thing; in the future, is there a chance that Tailwind could be made into basically an aerial version of mach rush, giving her better mobility and control?
  6. Xaku feels really fun to use! However, I've been noticing a few things which have been bugging me. Majority of the focus is on their 3. A. Deny's cost. It'd be nice if it had reduced costs for additional casts in a specific time period. B. Accused. Enemies who are accused tend to keep running around. It would be cool if enemies caught by Gaze were targeted by both accused and nonaccused enemies. As well, Accused feels a bit useless to use at times? As ferrox and abilities don't damage nor affect them while weaponry does. It would be cool if abilities that aren't auto ta
  7. As of currently, Zephyr is just so close to glory. However, I've been noticing some issues ranging from an annoyance to actually terrible gameplay experience. So... Here's some ideas I put together. Zephyr Passive; while still super floaty, gains a damage boost of 50% to all weapons while in the air. If passive is disabled via the mod, she'll have an additional 50% for the damage increase, making the passive disabling mod more worthwhile. Tailwind: Acts a bit like mach rush but in the air. Including the AoE if hitting a surface. Able to charge it while maintai
  8. I tried to report this at Zendesk but got no luck. They asked me to send this here even though I am 100% certain DE doesn't look here. The issue is that on controller, using abilities like Ember's fireball prevents jumping, and due to human finger limits, unable to adjust camera and move at the same time. But on keyboard, you're freely allowed to jump when charging an ability. I'm under the opinion currently the game is not controller friendly, even on PC. A suggested change would be to make the R1/RT/R button on controllers(ps, xbox, switch, and steam) whe
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