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  1. NalkorRN

    Why I've Lost Trust In De

    It's not their game, it's our's. It's their product yes, but it is their job to ensure we have fun playing with their product, our game. Being a game developer company for a game like Warframe (online, co-op, etc) is less about normal Single Player offline game stuff and more similar to being a Dungeon Master/Game Master/Story Teller for a Tabletop game. Yes, you set it all up, house rules, setting, etc, but in the end, you're a host throwing a certain brand of party to ensure your guests are enjoying themselves. If they don't like it, they'll leave and tell their friends via social media and word of mouth and eventually, no one will want to play the game you've set up. They developed this game not for them to play, as many livestreams in the past and previous design choices show they either suck hard at playing their own game, or they just don't play it with efficiency in mind. Oh wait a second, I think I see another Extra Credits video that's once again, relevant: A number of issues brought up in that old thread are still very relevant these days. Some have changed and been addressed (Vor's Prize was a damn joke for like, a year or so), but others have simply gotten worse.
  2. Just because you chose Red Veil doesn't mean we should all suffer like you do.
  3. NalkorRN

    Hotfix 15.10.2

    I really want the Nullifiers to have their shields lack a damage cap or whatever. If I have a Dread capable of Red Crits or a BFG (Opticor) equipped, then once the raw damage/crit damage of the weapon passes a certain threshold, it'll just ignore that awful shield and obliterate the idiot powering it. This way people who use powerful, but slow firing weapons aren't punished when some idiot wearing a trashcan on their head and back show up with a weird blue forcefield. Oh, and make it so that automatic weapons are useful against it too, no more shrinking in set intervals, just based on the amount of damage it's taken, so I can just hold down the trigger on my Soma and watch that shield pop like a balloon being blown by an overzealous kid at their birthday party. For Valkyr players, I'd also recommend that their Hysteria power still functions just fine inside the shield because her ultimate is the only one that locks a player into melee-only mode, and a rather gimped melee at that compared to weapons like the Scindo Prime.
  4. As someone who's been playing Star Trek Online lately, I'll say this: If PWE manages to get a hold of Warframe, you guys will need to jump ship asap.
  5. NalkorRN

    Hotfix 13.0.6+13.0.7+

    Just because the game is Free to Play does not give the excuse of creating useless rewards among other things. People who just accept everything being handed to them because a game is 'free' is one of many things wrong with the industry these days. Developers and publishers do need to be called out on decisions that make little sense and serve only to frustrate players.
  6. NalkorRN

    Hotfix 13.0.6+13.0.7+

    In regards to the Argon Crystals change, since you can make it so they stop decaying, why not just make that change permanent? No one likes the fact that they have to farm the void for an entire day, hoping the RNG favors them enough to give them enough Argon Crystals to use for crafting. Time and again, you guys say you know how bad the RNG is and you want to fix it, but having a resource that is required for an item that was hyped all over be limited to the Void (which is RNG alone based on getting keys) and decay every day is a big slap in the face of the players. It's insane, that's the only way I can describe it.
  7. NalkorRN

    Hotfix 12.4.1

    Maybe you could remove the lightning effects from the grineer galleons? I just did the Dark Sword BP alert and on my way to extraction, I find myself blinded by the white flash several times and it happened whenever I got near a room required to pass through. Turns out the Broken Light objects were creating the effect along with a minor shock proc. Take a good look at that thread, remove the flash entirely, just leave the frames affected to be covered in the old shock graphics.
  8. NalkorRN

    Update 12.4.0 Frost's Avalanche now applies it's Freeze immediately and no longer functions as Crowd Control, leaving him a slow moving nuker who's damage type doesn't get used much at all. Why in the hell do you guys do this? You nerfed the crap out of Snow Globe, not realizing that it was only useful in endless defense/survival due to enemy damage scaling to infinity and compensated by making Avalanche a somewhat decent CC ability, and then you go and pull this crap, nerfing what CC he has left. Freeze used to be an instant-cast with no travel time and would deal next to no damage, Ice Wave did damage, but was more for the 100% cold/slow proc under Damage 1.0 and then Damage 2.0 and later comes along, rendering Cold nearly worthless. Here's how you fix Frost: Remove all his skills and give him brand new ones with an actual function aside from damage.
  9. NalkorRN

    Hotfix 12.3.2

    Let's be clear, there is absolutely nothing hard about getting the Brakk, Detron, Dread, Despair, or Hate. It all boils down to luck, and there's no effort or skill involved when it comes to RNG. They don't even have guaranteed drops like the Harvester at the end of a mission/Boss BP reward. It all boils down to if the RNG decides to favor you, and that RNG we all know and hate doesn't give a damn about how hard or easy something is. The Tetris god is more merciful than this crap. You wanna know how rare it was for people doing the event? Not rare or hard at all. In fact, there was no RNG involved because of how lopsided the event was, you just had to run 100 missions with more favoring the Grineer to win it. There's nothing truly rare about a piece of time-gated equipment. 101 missions of the most boring type of mission ever that pretty much burned me out until the Cicero Crisis came along, that was all you had to do. People are now saying they've had to do 3 times as many runs for just one part and that is indeed not fair. They aren't seeing the point of trying and in a good number of cases, quitting the game as they are realizing the horrible RNG-based drops and grinding nature of the game is all there is. DE doesn't need you to defend them, you know this, stop being so blind to the issues that keep going ignored or even made worse.
  10. NalkorRN

    Hotfix 12.3.2

    So let me get this straight, you guys know how much we hate RNG and grind and want to try and improve it, yet here you are making it even worse? My god, what goes on inside your offices? Do you guys just sit down and have a meeting that goes like this?: Steve: Hey guys, everyone is complaining about RNG and Grind. Scott: Well, the new Grineer Deathsquad is currently dropping mods, resources, and blue prints all on death, so maybe that's a step in the right direction? Steve: What? No! Make them drop only one of the three at a time! Sheldon: Guys, doesn't that make the RNG and grind even worse than it already is? Steve: Think of it as motivation for them to buy boosters! Seriously, come on guys. You could have made it so the Harvester and Stalker followed the whole drop mods+BP+Resources thing per death and people would complain less because you'd actually be fixing the RNG/Grind in babysteps. You know what though? I don't think you guys have a clue about what to do with the RNG and Grind. I saw that livestream where Rebecca pressed you about what you were gonna do with the RNG and Grind and you had this nervous look, like a deer in headlights, that is a bad sign. edit reason: Bad spelling being corrected.
  11. NalkorRN

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    Too bad that it's effectively a waste of energy in T3 Defense.
  12. NalkorRN

    Hotfix 12.0.1

    Frost's Snowglobe is not working properly. I was doing a sabotage on Earth and saw our Frost use a Snowglobe and suddenly the Snowglobe started to move as if it was centered on this one Grineer enemy. I don't mean a few meters, I mean it went from covering the injector to not covering it at all before it finally expired.
  13. NalkorRN

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    So instead of 2-3, it's now 6-7 at best? Fantastic logic.
  14. NalkorRN

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    Did you hear?! Freeze now functions like Ember's Fireblast! Yeah I groaned too.
  15. NalkorRN

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    F***! Guess I'll have to delete Frost if the globe goes down too fast, which it certainly will in higher level defense missions.