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  1. Came here looking for a similar post. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Vauban's Vortex doesn't ragdoll enemies, instead applies knockdown and makes enemies immune to damage VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: cast Bastille and collapse into Vortex or outright cast Vortex EXPECTED RESULT: activate Bastille, collapse into Vortex, expect enemies to get pulled into the center OBSERVED RESULT: enemies repeatedly get knocked down and try to get up for the duration of the abillity; enemies are immune to 99% of damage during the knockdown REPRODUCTION RATE: every time Vortex is
  2. Whenever there is a sortie defense on the same tileset as Europa/Paimon, there's quite a high chance for a mission failure. The defense target wanders around the map, falls through the floor and triggers a mission failure after a few seconds. Please note that the defense objective itself is still very much alive; the mission failure is no result of the target bleeding out. This isn't new, I noticed this several times before. It looks like this, seconds before the mission fails: (this screenshot is from todays' sortie) The following screenshot was taken a few month
  3. It's been a few months since OP started this thread, but this issue apparently still persists. I was not aware of this problem until recently, when I could hear the firing sound of a bow as if I would be the one firing it. To be more specific: I was playing on Saturn/Helene in a squad of 4 people. One squadmate played as Wukong Prime, the Wukong clone wielded a Paris Prime. No matter where I was standing on the map - even when on the opposite part of the map, away from the other squad members (~50m plus) - I could consistently hear the firing sound of the Paris Prime throughout
  4. Can confirm, there is something going on with Mag's Polarize ability. Only a few weeks ago, when I made myself a Mag build and experimented with it, I noticed that something was off. However, I couldn't point out what the issue was. When testing in Simulacrum, the ability shredded enemies easily, Corpus and Grineer alike. During actual gameplay (Saturn/Helene), some enemies ignored a large portion of the expected damage. As the commenter above, I'm also suspecting some line-of-sight shenanigans being at work here. I deliberately looked away from the enemies after casting an
  5. Mission type: mobile defense Enemy faction: Infested Tileset: Corpus Outpost (others probably too, needs testing) A while ago, when I was clearing Steel Path, I noticed that during a mission the current defense console was brought down from full health to less than 20% health while shields were fully intact. I cleared Steel Path solo, so no friendly fire from squad mates; also no radiation hazard present. Just me using a Vauban in a mobile defense mission. Note: this means a loss of several THOUSAND hp (I don't have a screenshot, but the numbers were something like 10k hp a
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