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  1. Tymerc

    Update 19: The War Within

    Everyone remember to equip your hobbled keys. That way you'll complete TWW as slowly as possible while savoring every part of it.
  2. Tymerc

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Awhile back Drew shared a picture of an iceberg that basically explained how difficult your jobs are. You guys are doing awesome work but if you don't think it's ready then simply push it back to next week and give yourselves more time.
  3. Tymerc

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    If you have to push it back to next week I won't mind waiting. It's already been half a year, so what's a few more days?
  4. Tymerc

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    This is why I am so glad I grew up with games like Runescape. The constant grinding to 99 and finishing completionist requirements has taught me how to keep enduring.
  5. Tymerc

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    I am going to assume you never fixed the Operator's jaw clipping through zipped up hoods? That'll be quite immersion-breaking.
  6. Edit: You know I am just going to kill time on TF2 probably. If there are bad bugs I am sure that they will be sqaushed while all of my Forum Moderator friends here take care of keeping the forums civil. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  7. Tymerc

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Originally I would loathe such a large file size. However things are somewhat better for me now. Looking forward to it.
  8. Tymerc

    Coming Soon: Devstream #82!

    Is there any chance that the old Arcane Helmets could be converted into Warframe-specific Arcane Sets so we may wear TennoGen or Deluxe Helmets without gimping ourselves?
  9. Tymerc

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 5

    I don't like the change to nullifiers. They sound incredibly easy to kill now. Please buff their shields and health to compensate their extreme vulnerability. =/
  10. Tymerc

    PC Baro Intel: Ducat Pricing Trends

    I farmed up to 995 ducats + the 230 I already have. I hope that I will have enough. Then it's back to farming!
  11. Tymerc

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 4

    That's pretty interesting. Just how do people find these things?
  12. Tymerc

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 4

    About time. No offense to the artist (I did manage to make a rather attractive operator) but I would definitely prefer having the hoods up instead of them hanging back.
  13. Tymerc

    Coming Soon: Devstream #79!

    Don't get your hopes up. Last time my post got over 100 likes with a few positive quotes and not a single question of mine in that post or any that came after were chosen. If it doesn't happen again I won't ask so many at once despite saying to pick whichever is the most interesting. I'll keep your interest in mind though.
  14. You can take all of the time you need Rebecca and Co. Don't rush for anyone.