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  1. That is a really interesting update DE good job👏👏👏👏, so the original version weapon can appear much more frequent than now. i have your next idea ready as well! Greeting Tenno! because not much people are using prime weapon now, so we decided that we will make prime version as a skin of the normal version from now on! And than you can have your 1.4 disposition with prime appearance! please do this, looking forward to more people transfer to destiny 2 👏👏👏 By the way, this reply is not a compliment, since u guys have miss understood players for a long time, I will indeed specify this out. As for reason, a lot of wise players shared there thoughts, and if u still want this game to be alive, take a deep thought before actions. we had one melee update, we do not want one more.
  2. topic closed bought the riven
  3. Have enough plat ready, pm me on forums or in game plz... do not hesitate to offer the price
  4. WTB Gram riven looking for cdamage, at speed and range only, We all know what type of riven this is. contact us by reply this topic or in game (id: Bagaosuni) and hope we can make a deal at a suitable price to both of us. PC player, thx for reading!
  5. There is a motorbike and a car, the car is fast and the motorbike is slow. So people all choose to drive car. How do we fix this? well simple let the car and motorbike all use motorbike’s engine system, And improve the motorbike’s engine. so the car cannot run fast than 70kph now and motor bike can go 90 good job DE👏👏👏 p.s. the car use to have a maximum up to 200kph
  6. if u have any other riven with cdamage, range and att speed, also pm m plz and i may interesting on them s well !
  7. WTB (Reaper Prime, Twin Krohkur, Dark Split-Sword)'S RIVEN,) cdamage, range and att speed 3+1 only, pm me or add me in game.
  8. Hi DE i noticed that when inaros is using Fulmin, it will break apart and this happens for a lot of times, regardless to internet quality (base on my little tests), and i have not yet observe this situation with other warframe Hope one of u can see it Kind Regard Bagaosuni
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