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  1. In the wiki it says it is supposed to reduce shield damage as well, is that incorrect? because it certainly does not seem to reduce shield damage by 90%
  2. So, i got my self a Synoid Heliocore, which hast a metric ton of status, decent damage and decent attack speed, and then i realized, wait, this has status but no crit, what can i actually do with this?. Crit weapons can be built for heavy attacks or combo, even mixin in some status for some of them, what can you actually do with status weapons now, that comes nearly close to that performance?.
  3. Machete has the best mobility as its attacks flow together with out abrupt stops. I reiterate however they do not do the best damage, best flat damage goes to combo, because combo strikes have their own damage multipliers on top of the weapon/crit ones.
  4. Certainly but would need its own dedicated modes and balance.
  5. Again NOT the highest damage possible out there, but certainly the best resource generation. Exodia Brave is an Arcane Enhancement for Zaws that grants energy regeneration on heavy attack kills. EffectEdit Rank Energy/sec Duration 0 1.25 1s 1 2.50 2s 2 3.75 3s 3 5.00 4s
  6. Best combination i have found is a max crit max attack speed machete zaw. Use amalgam organ shatter, sacrificial mods, corrupt charge. Does decent damage (thou not the highest, highest goes to combo) and has a lot of lifesteal and energy generation.
  7. Yet another 25% Kuva Chakkhurr We need transparency what are the actual % drop rates.
  8. "Weighted higher" is one thing, but i must have rolled at least 4 weapons straight with 25%.
  9. I have rolled several 25-26% weapons in a row, are the % bugged? are they frame or planet dependent are we being discriminated for being from LA region, wtf is going on..? KW are starting to really rub me the wrong way.
  10. Still cant log in. This is very S#&$ty to happen on a weekend.
  11. I dont get the try later any more, but i still get the Log in failed.
  12. Password, but i just changed it and i still get the same problem. Its like there is a problem with the log in server. It actually says Log in Failed, check your info.
  13. Hi, im getting the wrong password when trying to log in, but the credential are correct, just tested them by logging in here. Now i get a message stating too many failed log ins and to try later. Need help.
  14. +1 I keep having random heavy attacks even with out holding, please revert change
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