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  1. Thank you! It's literally just using Loki's ability in a creative way. I don't know why DE would punish players for using their Warframe's abilities. If they felt it was imbalanced then they should have given the Demolyst some way of getting back onto the map. It's my understanding that they did do that but if it glitches, then how is that the Loki's fault? All the Loki knew was that if he tele'd the Demolyst off a ledge that sometimes it dies and sometimes it teleports back. Units dying when they fall off the map is the norm in Warframe so, if anything, the Loki would think the teleporting was a glitch and not the established interaction. All I see is a cooperative puzzle set forward by DE and the community solving it in creative ways. Maybe I'm missing something on how Loki's ability works? I ran the mode with Ash and I don't have Loki so I wouldn't know.
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