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  1. Archwing buffing avionics could use a boost in the range department. As of right now, it just doesn't cover the full area of combat around the Railjack which is within about 1500-2000 meters all around. Having only 1000 meters of buffing area makes it feel uncomfortable for the pilot, who is trying to keep all Archwing players in range, as well as the Archwing players themselves, who have to constantly monitor their distance from the Railjack to avoid wandering out of range. The Tactical Intrinsic, Squad Renew, also doesn't seem to affect those in Archwing, which I feel it should since they're still allies and thus should be healed like anyone in POIs and aboard ships. It could also be a bug though.
  2. TYPE: In-game/Railjack DESCRIPTION: After finishing the sentient anomaly main mission (eliminate all sentients) and exploring the place, I tried to activate the navigation console but it doesn't give me the option to nor does it activate with the interaction key. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Finish a railjack mission with the final objective done being the sentient anomaly. Stay in the anomaly, ignoring the "return to railjack" timer. Attempt to activate the navigation console. EXPECTED RESULT: You should be able to see the navigation prompt show and be able to activate the navigation console. OBSERVED RESULT: No option to activate, nor does it activate when tried. REPRODUCTION RATE: First occurence
  3. TYPE: In-game/Railjack DESCRIPTION: Cannot exit railjack in dojo. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Return to Dry Dock from a railjack mission EXPECTED RESULT: The vessel will spit you out on top of the railjack customization console. OBSERVED RESULT: Screen will momentarily black out only to fade back in to reveal you're still in your railjack. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% as far as I know.
  4. Occasionally, controls will stop responding and prevent me from shooting, using abilities and, on one occasion, prevent me from jumping or accessing chat. I've only really had this problem in Disruption missions and usually with enemies that would usually knock me down. This is extremely annoying and the only way to fix this seems to be getting killed and respawning; the unstuck command doesn't help, nor does respawning by throwing oneself in a pit. The bug mainly happens with a demolyst, and me switching in and out of operator to lockdown and slow the target before shooting it down.
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