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  1. Guessing Lillium isn't possible, so guess I'll go all in on Zelda tunes, is Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time possible?
  2. i second this for fairly obvious reasons.
  3. ahhh, Uranus jokes never get old do they?
  4. During a syndicate run with Limbo and the Sinoid Simulor, I noticed that while most of it's damage doesn't bleed through the rift, the damage from the vortex proc does. So for anyone else feeling particularly lazy, a duration/power strength based Limbo and a Sinoid Simulor (don't know about base version, no longer own it) can slowly churn you through a mission with only Rift Walk and Rift Surge for a boost.
  5. Less old junk in the loot tables sounds like a good idea going forward, as long as there's always warning beforehand of what is about to vanish.
  6. This update shrunk my UI for some reason, the log-in screen and the chat box and such. I really hope that was accidental cause chat is hard enough to read even with large chat enabled. edit-It seems that the HUD scaling has just been severely reduced in effectiveness, by accident hopefully. Also please remove the forced HUD shaking on peacemaker, I thought the reason that HUD shake is turn-off-able is because it bothers some people (like me) don't force it onto an ability please.
  7. Please make Brood Mothers desecrateable, or make the minions drop brood mother's loot~
  8. I'll chip in with the rest complaining about prism being a static cast now. The casting time is just to long for it to only go the direction you originally aimed the disco ball at.
  9. I CAN SEE MY KUBROWS GENDER IN STASIS NOW! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY I WANTED THIS! THANK YOU! (also now its time to farm more kubrows for me since my first kubrow "Lucy" is a male afterall...)
  10. Are the ingame damage numbers on the Quanta correct? 220.0 elec damage for a continuous weapon (the synapse is only 12.5...)? Maybe the number describes the alt fire cube explosion thingy?
  11. Saddly I know my idea has already been taken somewhere on pg28-ish of this enoumous thread, however I have the advantage of having had this name the entire time! Next melee weapon needs to be invisable quad-whip...
  12. Anyone else getting a little tired of the electricity base weapons? What ever happened to the toxic based Grineer weapon or the ice based corpus weapon from dev stream 22 (especially that ice weapon since there isn't a single ice base weapon in the game)? Just because electricity is the strongest base element in the game doesn't mean all weapons have to be it, viral can be awesome too...
  13. Name: Forgotten [Warframe] Behavior: Tenno who have succumbed to the Technocyte Virus, and begin to turn on their former allies. The virus has corrupted the Tenno's mind forcing them to forget much of themselves, but their knowledge of combat remains allowing them restricted use of weapons and skills. The Infestation has destroyed their shields, but they retain the strength of their Tenno armor which is further boosted by infested sinew. Attacks: can use the first or second ability of the host warframe (forgotten ember will fireball, forgotten frost will freeze, forgotten loki will invisibility, ect.). Inaccurate use of favorite tenno firearms such as braton, lato, burston, ect. And brutal but slow usage of melee weapons such as the skana and nikana. Environmental Restrictions: either 1) mostly none, just rare mob OR 2)SPAWNS FROM DEAD PLAYERS >:) (no art, I suck 'n') Thank you DE for allowing players to have a say in what we wanna killify in your game. :D
  14. Did anyone else notice that all the old stat helms now have the word "arcane" as a prefix? Does this mean that from here on out ALL helms including the old ones are now stat-less?
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