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  1. Just re-checked in both UK and Portuguese accounts and it's still not there
  2. I think Mag Prime Pack been there since the Mag/Nova unvault from half a year or so ago
  3. Tried now on both UK and Portuguese accounts, was able to find Titania Prime Access Pack, Nekros and Oberon packs (though unable to even access them for being already unavailable), and the rest were just results from unrelated games
  4. i just checked in both UK account and Portuguese account and still can't find the Nova Prime unvault pack nor her Accessories pack
  5. seemed like a good game, the pack should be here when u finish the game XD
  6. well, it depends on the person, for me 1 week is nothing simply cause i have nothing to do rn but for other people might be a lot
  7. where are you from? europe? asia? japan? if ur from any of those then it makes sense u didn't get it on the 29th, we wave to wait for sony itself to solve the issue
  8. the fault lies primarily in sony for not putting the packs or putting the packs faulty
  9. my friend just finished reinstalling warframe n now he cant even enter the game XD
  10. my friend literally had this bug: enters any relay (apart from dojo) and any mission- can't enter Dojo enters dojo, can't enter any other relay or mission n he that the same effect for the whole day - enter dojo, could only enter dojo the whole day till he deleted the data
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