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  1. (PSN)Quantaminum's post in When is the weapon for a riven assigned? was marked as the answer   
    You can save veiled rivens to open when a new update drops. That's how I got two Corinth rivens on the day Corinth was released (I saved about 6 veiled Shotgun Rivens before the update).
    When unveiled, the riven randomly picks a CURRENTLY RELEASED/AVAILABLE weapon in the weapon pool.
  2. (PSN)Quantaminum's post in Intrinsics farm: how to maximize? was marked as the answer   
    As I said, this seems quite buggy, but it's still working on PS4.
    No idea if the Deimos Arcana nerfed this on PC, or if enemy AI works differently on PC.
    It's very important that you use a hammer and stealth kill enemies from BEHIND. No idea if it works on other weapons, or animations. It simply works with hammers.
    Going for front finishers, more often than not, will reset your stealth affinity multiplier.
    You can go the whole galleon with a 500% affinity bonus on. That's how I maxed my intrinsics in the first two weeks of RJ.
    Below is a run I recorded 10min ago.
    I did front finishers and back finishers (so, pay attention to stealth affinity multiplier, finisher type and enemy state), just to better illustrate what I said:
    Hammer is Kuva Shildeg.
  3. (PSN)Quantaminum's post in Is Strun Wraith good? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, even better with a riven.
  4. (PSN)Quantaminum's post in PS4: Short 2,998 standing for MR 30 was marked as the answer   
    Comparing to my profile, you're missing Viper Wraith
  5. (PSN)Quantaminum's post in What is tennobaum and how does it work? was marked as the answer   
    IIRC, plat used to send gifts is tracked. The more plat is used to gift, the more DE donates to charity.
    There are also a few mileage rewards (mostly Xmas-themed skins) to incentivize more gifting.
  6. (PSN)Quantaminum's post in Is Scimitar farm hard? and is Dakra prime fluid and fast? was marked as the answer   
    You don't really farm Scimitar. You just play the game and hope you get the set one day, after a few months.
    It's much easier to buy the parts from someone (~40pl gets you a full set) or buy the ship from the market when you get a discount coupon.
  7. (PSN)Quantaminum's post in Questions about arca plasmor and tigris was marked as the answer   
    Prime is better, unless you care about the Syndicate procs. Disposition on the Sancti Tigris is higher, but only a little bit. Not enough to make a rivened Sancti better than a rivened Prime.
    IIRC, Arca Plasmor damage was a bit busted because the AoE always got headshot multiplier, so DE nerfed that.
    Secondary Catchmoon can get that headshot multiplier if you aim high enough, but it got nerfed to oblivion (damage falloff range reduced by 90%, pretty much must be within hugging distance of the target to deal decent damage). No idea about Primary Catchmoon's performance.
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