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  1. I had a worse time farming Necramech mods, instead of the weapon parts. This whole weapon grind gets worse when you notice that Cortege isn't even that good. It's not that expensive. You can buy one part for ~80pl.
  2. I'm checking your profile right now. I think it's a secondary. I did max primary kitguns, so it might show a different number because of that
  3. You're missing a Primary weapon. I can't hit MR30, because I'm missing 2 Login Milestone weapons, but I have 426k Primary weapon mastery. Also, Amp tab should say 9/9, instead of 8/8.
  4. I did not know about that. This is awesome. I'll just farm 1000 steel essences for kuva and relic packs for the next prime, and be done with it.
  5. Does it take longer to get Steel Essence on PC now? If so, I'll probably spend the next few days playing Odin to get a decent stockpile.
  6. IIRC, you need to do that throw and detonate Xoris thing to disrupt her rewind.
  7. Vai nas Configurações do PS, Gerenciamento de Conta, faz log off e, em seguida, faz log in de novo. Talvez resolva.
  8. IIRC, plat used to send gifts is tracked. The more plat is used to gift, the more DE donates to charity. There are also a few mileage rewards (mostly Xmas-themed skins) to incentivize more gifting.
  9. Report your own post and, in the text box, ask the moderators to delete it.
  10. Endless missions would greatly benefit from bounty system mechanics, which saves rotation rewards. It shouldn't be hard to implement it in other missions in a way that pick-up drops are also saved after each rotation.
  11. You don't really farm Scimitar. You just play the game and hope you get the set one day, after a few months. It's much easier to buy the parts from someone (~40pl gets you a full set) or buy the ship from the market when you get a discount coupon.
  12. Prime is better, unless you care about the Syndicate procs. Disposition on the Sancti Tigris is higher, but only a little bit. Not enough to make a rivened Sancti better than a rivened Prime. IIRC, Arca Plasmor damage was a bit busted because the AoE always got headshot multiplier, so DE nerfed that. Secondary Catchmoon can get that headshot multiplier if you aim high enough, but it got nerfed to oblivion (damage falloff range reduced by 90%, pretty much must be within hugging distance of the target to deal decent damage). No idea about Primary Catchmoon's performance.
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