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  1. If you wanna avoid this situation in a potential future, don't forget to forge every single crappy weapon as well. You never know...
  2. I don't mind farming them again. Got nothing to do anyway. You can farm some plat to skip a lot of that grind as well.
  3. Yes. Tennocon reveals are really just a bunch of promises for new content. They might release something, but I wouldn't expect it to be anything big.
  4. Isn't it all about breaking crates/containers and using life supports?
  5. Not sure about the state of all skins on PS4/Xbox, but DE will probably add old Tennogen skins to Switch at a very slow pace. Atlas Graxx has been on PS4 for almost 3 years.
  6. That only applies to ONE purchase. If you bought something for plat or credits, then the coupon has already been used.
  7. Most of the time, it takes less than 1 week. I think it only took almost 2 weeks twice in the past 3 years (one of those was ESO's release). If DE send it to cert this week, it's safe to assume it's gonna hit consoles by next Tuesday.
  8. Avoid killing too many enemies BEFORE capturing the target. It might prevent the lich from spawning (lights still flicker).
  9. There's no prerequisite to start playing the index. Just unlock the node and watch the shower of credits
  10. Index. Try looking for guides/builds/tips on youtube. Index is probably the fastest way to get credits on PC (surely the fastest on PS4).
  11. That's with meta loadouts and strats. Realistically, the majority of players will take 20~30min to take down the Hydrolyst and 10min+ to kill PT.
  12. Depending on what you bought, maybe you didn't have enough empty slots, the game charged you for those slots, you didn't notice and just agreed to the whole thing.
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