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  1. I'm willing to beat on router issue. For online gaming, having a very fast connection speed doesn't matter much, if the connection is not stable enough. I've had a similar problem where everyone would get kicked (as host), or I would be the only one to get kicked (as client), because my connection dipped every now and then, but would quickly be restored. Another sign of this is seeing everything and everyone in the match suddenly freeze and then resume movement/action a few seconds later. Getting a new router fixed the issue for me.
  2. That's quite a bold, baseless assumption on how I play the game. You really seem to be on a vendetta against people who like some challenge, or who are good at the game. I think last time I had to copy a build was back in 2017, to farm focus in Adaro (about 1 month after I started playing the game). Haven't needed to copy any builds since. Warframe is not challenging, and that's okay. If you have to tie your hands and gimp your builds to experience some degree of challenge in this game, then this only proves how easy this game truly is. I'm not mad about it tho and I'm not
  3. IMO, none. Normally, online games have some sort of loop where you: farm gear > so you can beat a challenging(?) piece of content > so you can get some resource/better gear > to beat said content even faster, and that whole process takes months until you're done doing that with whatever characters are relevant to you. Warframe doesn't have challenging missions that require specific, min-maxed gear and, to make things worse, no relevant rewards for anyone who's been playing for a few hundred hours. It's really just a game to shut your brain off and relax.
  4. I had already done that and nothing new. After a while, a new download started suddenly.
  5. Anyone else getting the "Please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed" error? First time this is happening to me and I had played WF earlier today. Already tried manually checking for update. EDIT: A new patch suddenly appeared now (390MB).
  6. DE: Don't worry about Tencent buying us. Also DE: *starts selling lootboxes rivens and kuva*
  7. PS4 just got a hotfix today for that event. Red text said it starts at 2 pm EST.
  8. Placed Profit-Taker Orb and Exploiter Orb Articulas in my orbiter in a way that looks like PT Orb is smashing that Exploiter Orb pu***
  9. Both rolls seem pretty meh. Pick any of those and keep rolling.
  10. Use a stealth frame. This isn't the same challenge as Nightwave's. Nightwave asks you not to trigger alarms. Riven asks you not to be detected, i.e., enemies must not SEE you.
  11. To add to what Magicfingers said, you only get mastery points from each kitgun chamber, and not kitgun type. So, if you gild and rank up Tombfinger primary, you get 3000 points. Gilding and leveling Tombfinger secondary later on will not give you any mastery points. However, to have a full profile, you still need to rank up both weapon types, primary and secondary.
  12. - I only used Fiber in frames that have a decent amount of base amor, otherwise it's really a waste. Other than that, this seems like a "get good" issue. SP has a lot of bullet sponges and you may need some builds to deal massive damage quickly if you don't wanna spend almost 10 minutes in a extermination mission. What's your build for Mag? You need to manage your duration and range well, especially for her Magnetize bubble. For Defense, a bubble with "high" duration is pretty good to keep a choke point going on for a while, also more duration = less spam = easier time ma
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