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  1. Just playing the game. A booster, perseverance, focus and a lot of free time is all you need. You can get over 75k+ kuva a day just running siphons/flood and taking 15-min breaks before the hourly reset.
  2. I wish DE would make an official statement on this. Recently, they fixed a glitch in which you could open those doors using your operator and warframe. If you try to do it now, you experience some degree of loss of functionality. So, all you can do now is spam the interact button or wait until the afk timer kicks in.
  3. It's probably useless... considering Thunderbolt damage isn't affected by mods.
  4. Then everyone will cheese it with any of the methods... like Nyx/Valkyr's 4th ability, Mag's bubble thingy, to name a few. This community is not fond of enemies being absolutely immune to warframe abilities as well.
  5. Because that's the standard. Some weapons remains on neutral, some get nerfed and some get buffed. Every new weapon riven starts at Neutral.
  6. It's possible, just keeping playing whatever you want/need and you'll eventually get them.
  7. Are you sure about what the forward artillery is? If you really are, then this might be a Switch issue. It could be the issue below, but I think Switch got a fairly patched up version in comparison to consoles, due to how long it took DE to give you guys the update (but I can't find anything about it in the Switch Notes). Taken from PS4 Update Notes: I didn't have any issues on PS4. After maxing intrinsics and slotting that avionics for +Forward Artillery damage, I can two-shot a Crewship in Veil.
  8. I think it's both. I've gotten some discounts playing everyday, and also immediately upon logging after a few weeks/months as well.
  9. Intrinsics is converted affinity. If you increase your affinity gains (kill more enemies, repair your ship more times, stealth kills, aff booster, smeeta kavat), then you increase your intrinsics gains as well.
  10. regular play doesn't give a lot of credits, even with boosters. Run a dark sector or index.
  11. If you don't want pets getting downed constantly, you'll need to use a tanky frame or cast CC/use melee + Pack leader constantly
  12. When I think things couldn't be worse than people paying 15k+ plat for a riven mod that would get nerfed, now here comes the salt of people who paid 50k+ plat in a mod THEY DON'T USE, and that got recently re-released.
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