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  1. 2nd one. That's a lot of CC and some QoL there
  2. If you still know the locations, Mariana is still as good as pre-pollution update.
  3. Play a different game, not necessarily a different online game. I have plenty of single-player games I keep postponing, but once I force myself to try them, I just don't wanna stop playing them (I'm playing Odin Sphere Leifthrasir right now).
  4. The fight is 300% less annoying/difficult if you constantly destroy the alert beacons.
  5. Não faço ideia da situação do BR, pq eu nem toco nesse servidor. Mas é super comum veteranos ficarem semanas/meses sem jogar pq não tem nada mais para fazer no jogo.
  6. A última vez que olhei foi ontem. Todos os chats cheios e o chat do clan bem ativo tbm.
  7. Just cure your frames. Once you do it, that frame is permanently immune to it.
  8. Sim, BR sempre foi vazio. A primeira instrução que novato recebe é sempre a mesma: "Muda o servidor para os gringos". Isso ajuda a ficar mais vazio mesmo. Então vc fez alguma coisa errada. No meu PS4, todos os chats estão sempre cheios, com centenas de jogadores no servidor América do Norte. O jogo tá bem longe de acabar.
  9. Maybe there was someone else in the party with the quest active.
  10. It's still good, just not OP anymore. Pretty much a go-to for a lot of people in some late-game content.
  11. Gara in a infested defense (dark sector) in Sedna is a good option. You don't even need to put a forma/reactor on her. Her walls have no duration. So, just place them and run in circles killing enemies and casting a new wall between waves. Limbo and Frost also works, but I'm not sure in which map and strat. Banshee (with augment) is great in Hydron, but you'll need some forma of energy recovery (I use Zenurik's Energizing Dash and a Kubrow that digs energy orbs).
  12. I think it depends on where you intend to use it. Larkspur is really good outside of Profit Taker.
  13. I don't think you've played enough in the new map. I find matches in it to be much faster. Spawns seems great as well.
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