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  1. ok, those added points from when Orphixes spawn and Sentients been killed must be really little then, or? I watch the points all the times and only ever noticed a big jump when an Orphix was killed... Back to the FPS story: the Leaderboard always lists 4-person-squads with exactly the same points!? Are they all running the same high-end graphics card and all are killing exactly the same number of Sentients? Or are the overall points are somehow normalized or the highest amount of points is given to the the whole Squad? (well, probably there only is one point counter for the whole
  2. Thank you! but, isn't that sort-of exploiting? so 1400+ people are risking a ban...
  3. Hi there, looking at the current Leaderboard -- at the moment of writing this: top at ~50k, bottom at ~30k -- I wonder how those numbers are calculated!? it cannot be the points from one single mission, as this just cannot be much higher than ~22k, because there are only 36 Orphixes to kill, and they come at defined times; (and no killed mobs [not even sentinents] increase those points; only the mission timer [~1 point per second] and killed Orphixes [500 points I think, but may be variable] will do!) nor can it be the sum of all killed Orphixes in the entire event - in that ca
  4. first of all: the german translation of Khora's "Whipclaw" is "Klauenpeitsche" - which literally translates to "Clawwhip"; IMHO, "Klauenpeitsche" is correct, as it describes a whip (made of claws or using claws), while "Peitschenklaue" more describes a claw (that has/uses whips)... In the translation of Khora's 2, when describing that Whipclaw is refreshing/restarting Ensnare, the German translation now uses "Peitschenklaue" -- this should be "Klauenpeitsche" ("Peitschenklaue wird die Falle erneuern, um mehr Gegner fangen zu können" - should be "Klauenpeitsche wird die Falle...")!
  5. I did a few kuva-modified Lephantis assassinations and also a nightmare version of that mission, no nekros parts dropped in any of those missions! Then killed him in normal mission mode - always nekros drops... Happened to me just a few days ago - so (if not intended) this bug is still in... edit: on PC
  6. Hello DEvs thanks to Deimos, I need a lot of Cephalon Symaris standing for (re-)buying tons of warframes! So I equipped the Synoid Heliocor to help me doing that job - sadly the Heliocor doesn't work (anymore): even after hundreds of melee kills with it, I still have the same Symaris standing as before entering the mission! please fix, manually scannig millions of mobs is boring as hell...
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