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  1. Syndicate disruption missions still not working :-( (no enemies = no colored keys)
  2. Syndicate Disruption missions are broken now - no enemis...
  3. I just noticed that the progress-bar restarts after you picked the drop... so, if you watch right from the start and the stream run a bit longer than an hour, you can get two drops for one stream! I doubt that was intented ;-) nvrmnd - this is related to that grab-bag thingy, I believe!(?)
  4. Hello DEvs thanks to Deimos, I need a lot of Cephalon Symaris standing for (re-)buying tons of warframes! So I equipped the Synoid Heliocor to help me doing that job - sadly the Heliocor doesn't work (anymore): even after hundreds of melee kills with it, I still have the same Symaris standing as before entering the mission! please fix, manually scannig millions of mobs is boring as hell...
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