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  1. I only have the primary Catchmoon mastered yet, but all of my secondaries are shown as mastered, and none of the primaries... MR points left aside - do I need to master another primary Catchmoon again to have the primaries shown as being mastered now?
  2. Y0rg0

    Warframe Builder

    warframe-builder is discontinued, is it not? I can sort of understand, that Xaku is not implemented yet - but Inaros Prime as well is not; and he is in the game for almost a whole month now... too bad 😞
  3. Y0rg0

    revive bugg

    Happened to my Profit-Taker squad as well - the K-Drive trick did "solve" that issue and in operator mode I was then able to re-revive after that bug; but only once I think... I see there is a hotfix deployed as I type - but the red-text is about the Zaw and Helminth - not the revive bug p.s. did you fix the ESC-key not working bug yet?
  4. on the start of the MR26 test, Lotus says something like "You're fast Tenno, but are you nimble enough to catch either of these mobile control-points" - or similar. - the German translation, however, is about to escape the controll points - as if these were chasing the poor Tenno... (something like "You're fast Tenno, but are you nimble enough not being caught by these mobile control-points?" - quite the opposite of what the test is all about...) see screenshot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BtxkyEg9W1Aterbu6
  5. the final epsiode 4 text is printed twice and overlapping, see screenshot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cFNq7fjiVEp7MQua9 p.s. pretty much the same as reported for bazilian players:
  6. hi [DE], in the german localisation there are two new(?) animal companions listed int the Codex (1st and 2nd if name-sorted): /LOTUS/LANGUAGE/INFESTEDMICROPLANET/INFESTEDCRITTERCOMMONNAME /LOTUS/LANGUAGE/INFESTEDMICROPLANET/INFESTEDPREDATORCOMMONNAME see screenshot: https://photos.app.goo.gl/De7ChMMFd7Z7zE8JA
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