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  1. I cleaned my ps4 with pressured air. Remove some of the surrounding shell so the dust don´t stay in there when you use the air. Much more quieter now 🙂
  2. Melee: Capoeira-style? 🙂 Nice one 👍
  3. When i did manage the test, i did similar thing on phase 3. Tho was lucky, so the guy on top saw one body, then deviated from platform to check it out. Then me slide-attack 🙂 Maybe it´s just that. A guard deviate from his route if he spots a body, or he think he saw something(like you, sliding by)? Edit: I did do an aggressive approach to the test when cleared it. Low stance, slideattacks, not waiting so much behind pillars.
  4. Yeah? Maybe its a bug on pc? I don´t think i got any special skillz in warframe. And it took me a few tries.
  5. I managed it (MR 9) after a few tries. Used frost and Dex Dakra. On the 3rd phase, just jump to the left, take out that guy and take it from there. Good luck!
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