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  1. 1. Will there be any quests focused on steel meridian and Arbiters of Hexis? we had quests already for New Loka, Cephalon Suda, Red Veil, and the Glast gambit but i noticed the other two syndicates never got quests. 2. When will the shawzin become playable? 3. Will syndicates ever go through some updates or changes? They feel a little outdated and seem in need of some love and attention. 4. (lore related question) Were there any Tenno that continued to serve the Orokin after their Tenno brethren betrayed the empire? 5. With the new War quest coming soon, will Ordis drop the whole fake lotus and he take over the role of acting as director of missions? 6.Will we ever see more quests involving syndicates and such? Maybe a quest where syndicates actively combat each other and players have to pick a side? 7.Will the players be able to make choices in the new war that will have major affects on the game after the completion of the quest?
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