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  1. Honestly, when I read the title I immediately thought of a Ditto frame, like the pokemon. Just think of his face on a warframe and you got what I'm picturing.
  2. Every support person I've dealt with has been nice enough, all 1 of them. XD Sometimes people can't accept when they've done something wrong or they want to make it seem like its all on the other party. They just want to appear as the guiltless victim. I remember one guy made a thread about when he contacted support because he had a negative plat balance and was expected to pay his "hard earned cash" so that he could fix the plat difference. Swore up and down he did nothing wrong and even showed us that he did in fact buy plat from another user, black plat. About a month later his same exact story ended up on reddit and he tried the same exact bs story that he was innocent and it was the support staff that was harassing him. But someone smart took his original thread and posted screenshots of everything. I haven't seen anything else from this dude's saga, but man was it entertaining. If there's one thing these attention seekers are good for, its entertainment. 👍
  3. Oh gawd....This give me flashbacks to when I got glitter in my eye...
  4. Ah, support might still be booked with all of the tennocon complaints. Why not make a temp discord account and go back in and ask a mod?
  5. So publicity. Basically you want to make it as a youtube idol or streamer and using this as a gimmick. Uh good luck to you, but there has always been the clans who actually help players without trying to get famous. 🙂👍
  6. Premium sub sounds like prime access. What if they just tacked them together and you could only have access to it if you bought everything. They are a company and your suggestion would probably come out to be that way. I don't have a problem with your suggestion or if they did that, but it would feel way too P2W again for so many users. I don't know how well that would blow over...
  7. Have you tried submitting a support ticket? I'm sure you'll get a lot more help from them doing it that way.
  8. People are people, disgruntled, yes sometimes, but when you're gouging people on your price versus the price on a referable list, people will not take to you kindly. Its a free market, so you do you, but you won't be able to change your results. I trade ALOT, like alot alot. I have regulars, I have a copy paste answer sheet, greetings, goodbyes, tys, everything. I don't give a damn when people try to be "toxic" because I block and move then eff on. Like I said, people will be people, you can either just ignore their messages, and/or report them. Although don't report in game, apparently it does nothing and its better to go to support. Although, I rarely see "toxic" people but then again I follow to the sound of the listings, but that's just me.
  9. Ah I see why. People hold it for a lot on warframe.market and would probably through a fit. I also see why its desirable.
  10. Don't waste it on speeding things up! The people cheer for slots for their next president and they shall get their president! Three cheers for your president Millard Filmore!!!
  11. I understood the title... but then the middle was confusing. What's this about?
  12. Veterans of the game, tell me stories of the past, I want to know what is truly different in today's game versus how it was when you start and when did if feel different. I want you to tell me if you're the type who want the game to be harder or if you want it to be more new user friendly as well. I keep hearing about these people who say they miss the game as it was, and I'm curious about that. I think most of the newer players could also benefit from hearing things from your side no matter whichever way you feel.
  13. Are you talking about needing to link your twitch account to get twitch drops?
  14. He has that comical ring in his nose though, like in an old cartoon drawing of a bull and his face structure looks like a native american bull skull. XD
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