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  1. RaDiaFox

    Railjack Bugs

    New one. When I am using the side turret, and we get boarded, after getting off the turret I can't use my gun because the hacking tool is out and won't go away. I can't switch to secondary either. I have no solution for it.
  2. RaDiaFox

    Railjack Bugs

    I've experienced some bugs and I'm just going to list them with all of the information I have on them. 1. Outta Map Into the Void - Players have been getting stuck somehow out in the black empty void outside of the map. They describe it as "all I see is black". Our only fix we've found is to exit the mission by either completing it or aborting it. Their location is 23450m away. 2. Omni Tool Switch - Sometimes when I use my Omni tool, instead of pulling it out, for some reason I'm holding the new hacking tool instead. I haven't found a fix for it, no matter how many times I put it away and try to get the Omni tool out it stays the same. After a while it has returned, but that is the chances with all glitches. 3. Stuck On Return - When a mission finishes, and we either head to dry docks or a new mission, the screen gets a bit dark and then we're trapped in perpetual flying, unable to leave the game or group, and the only solution we've found is to close out of the game. 4. Gunning The Void - I've gotten past the point in the gunner intrinsic, that I can see 360 while shooting in the side turrets. Lately, when I turn certain angles parts of the screen turn black, and I know its where the ship usually would be, but isn't supposed to appear. It only happens when using the turret, when I go back out of using it it returns to normal.
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