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  1. I totally agree bro, as i said i dont want this warframe to be in the game but one with the same thematic bcs we need it
  2. Nice,well someday if i get some free time ill try to make a drawing of him,and also how he would look like when casting his abilities, it's not so clear with only words, with a drawing you could see exactly what i mean, maybe ill just do another sketch and give it to someone that can edit it on computer so that itd look more professional
  3. Something like this,but they would be floating of course https://images.app.goo.gl/fqm7dmpVwK1zU1BF8 And hed have no neck and his head would be a floating ball and have an "universe color"(something like mag's helmet) and there would be a ring around his head as well that slowly revolves around his head
  4. Oh it's true i didnt think about it, idk maybe the enemies orbiting the frame could be a bit transparent,or maybe the enemies could dissapear and there would be only the rings around you,and then they appear again when the ability timer ends/you cancel the ability,and yh i forgot to mention how the rings work,so basically i made a sketch of Gravitas but it's not good at all,but on that sketch i made some of those rings on his arms,like if they were bracelets(but not around his pulse,more like on the upper arm
  5. Oh yeah and bout those rings, i was thinking about something like saturn's rings,thats why the enemies would "orbit" you just like planets around the sun...
  6. You know all that healing and armor stripping are eventually some kind of synergy between abilities or maybe augment mods,indeed it doesnt have much to do with the frame thematic, and itd be too op if he could do all that. Anyway i just wanted DE to create a frame like that,it doesnt have to be mine but with the same features,like we are even getting an alchemist frame,so why not a-gravity-and-gas-based one right?
  7. I tried to make it kinda formal but it didnt go so well😂
  8. Yeah thats what i meant, that it deals more damage than we normally would
  9. ```Gravitas:``` / ```Newton:``` _Passive:_ "Deals additional gas damage" _1st ability:_ *Saturn's rings* Gravitas' rings will automatically pursue nearby enemies damaging them _2nd ability:_ *Orbit* Capture enemies with your rings, these enemies will orbite you, all the damage caused to other enemies will be converted into a percentage of energy(max 3 enemies)(eventually, gain 15% damage reduction given by each orbiting enemy) _3rd ability:_ *Centrifuge* Get rid of the exerted gravity on the enemies around you and make them levitate _4th ability
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