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  1. Can you make Kavat Genetic codes farm easier, like each Kavat should drop one genetic code(100% drop rate). It tends to get on people nerves that we have to build direlects keys and enter the missions and sneak around to find Kavat scan them and if they spot you they move around like crazy and it's very hard to scan them. And all this hard work to see after 5 scans we only get one genetic code. WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED IF YOU FIX THIS.
  2. jus when i GOT my riven and forma-ed my weapon 3 times. THANKS DE.
  3. hey there. You know what would be a good idea. Allowing us to use the 'CONFIG' feature in the Simulacrum. And also maybe let us upgrade mods in the Simulacrum. It would have been fine the way it is right now, if we could access the Simulacrum from our orbitor. AND PLEASEEE DON'T REPLACE THE CRED BOOSTER WITH THE MOD DROP CHANCE BOOSTER. Hope everyone feels the same xD
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