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  1. i see i'm not the only one to get 5 basic drop and not a single rare one , this seem not right , i mean what the point to make rare drop if no one can have it after 5 drops DE please can you consider make another week with the same drops or even remove the basic one and just make 5 rare instead ? or make 8 - 10 drop the next time to have more chance to get it, even one every 20 minutes of watching, we can have 12 to 15 drop like that because all the other drop worked fine for me, i'm having the 5 differents drops everytime and this the first time i have the same object two time in a
  2. why not use this on conclave, this is the most difficult standing to achieve so far, and why not make conclave mods working outside of the conclave,, the more the mods the more the build we can create i just hope we can have 8 of them or 5 atleast, even if i dont need this other than for the conclave this not a critic just a suggestion, anyway good job with the new update, i'm so excited about this one, you're the best
  3. Virtual Valentine who warframe is best for playing cupidon than my Ivara with his stealth skill, she aim his target without reveale his presence, she is the ultimate angel of love, and my operator love her so much, they are one being with two souls , they are souls mate
  4. thanks for your answer i check the forum but don't see her answer, that's a relief, after all people complain but it can be a better system and they are forced to pass onto this system because twitch gonna erase the older system anyway
  5. i like the idea of the progress bar that's nice sometimes you receive the prize sometimes not, but some questions need to be asked First, how much time after the stream can we claim the prize in our invetory because if that's have a timer to claim it that's gonna cause some problems for example: i live in europe, time are not the same here, when you do your thursday stream at 17pm for me it's already friday at 1am, so thinks about those of us who work or live in another country , sometime we launch the stream and go to bed or at work and when we come back prize await for us, but if y
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