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  1. i read they rerun this drop next week, yes i hope it's all the part please, thanks DE
  2. same problem here i'm relieve i'm not the only one i watched 40 min of the stream and no drop , that's the second time this week please DE send to everyone who was watching the stream until the end for monday and tuesday, why not make this the basic only those who are there at the end of the stream get the reward even they not watched 30min or make 20min the duration needed for have the drop like you do for halloween because your live length 1 one hour and it's frustrating to not have the drop because you came one minute too late, if you have the chance the live goes for 1 hour and 5 min but s
  3. Why not have a personnal dojo and a clan dojo instead? i prefer this solution instead of the steam workshop I mean the justice league has his own base but flash, batman or superman have their own base too, why not the tenno? They are like a justice league in space Me i have to reject an offer to be in a popular dojo because i dont want to lose all the time and ressource i put in it i want to have the option to take my own railjack setup if nobody is online, they should make setup railjack for each member and i want to visit my dojo sometimes not just take it online
  4. Hope we can change the statue of loki that would be great thanks for your work
  5. What about loki prime that's the last i dont have mastered yet and it cost so much in the market right now
  6. TYPE: In game during quest. DESCRIPTION: when you do the isolation room quest and you have to throw the concoction at the door , the door won't open when you throw it, VISUAL: it's not mine but i borrow it because is very similar REPRODUCTION: To replicate this is just by doing the quest. EXPECTED RESULT: Letting me through, of course haha. OBSERVED RESULT: The.. uh, infested gate thingy that I don't know the name of didn't open. REPRODUCTION RATE: happen 4 times now til the last update 29.0.6 , can't finish the quest because of that
  7. i could believe warframe beat up dead by daylight to his game , nerfing stuff, at least dead by daylight wait a little before nerfing a new killer who is too op apparent in player feedback, they even doens't touch it after beta test, if you said to me one day, DE nerf things faster than dead by daylight , i would never believe you and it's happening now xd (it's a joke of course) the rank should be 20 at least, it's the easy part of the ranking after it goes a little harder every rank you goes up come on DE i'm rank 26 i want fun, i want powerfull warframes that blows up every ennem
  8. DE what have you done ? already nerfing a system that not there yet, we cant know if this need a nerf before is out , i was very interrested and exited by this new system and from the beginning it was not complete in my opinion, just one ability come on, we need the first three ability to be subsumed and put 3 different ability on the same warframe, i was already dreaming of making a excalibur and valkyr much better by adding 1 or two abilities of wukong because i like to play solo too and having a doppleganger of my warframe is always helpfull in protection mission, you think defy is too
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