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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get through the rush mission on Kepler, Phobos and I'm pulling my hair out. I tend to get to the area where the transports are leaving from with perhaps two transports still to go but I don't have long to take out the Nemes, but I then in up clumsily trying to take these small targets while while they spin rapidly around their transport and I feel lucky to even get a few shots on target. Targeting them on controller is horrendous. Other than getting to the end much much faster is there any tips to completing this mission? Cheers.
  2. Cheers, I'll check that out. I've not got a clan yet as in just learning the games systems to be honest. Not sure how partying up works particularly.
  3. Hi, newbie question here I'm afraid. I've been clearing out my first few planets and have just maxed-out my Excaliber and my Bo stick so am looking for my next warframe. I'he forged the three Rhino main components as those are available from the early boss on Venus but the Control Modules are seemingly available from Neptune, the Void and Europa. These are all destinations that seem a fair way further on in the game to be honest. Plenty of guides out there mention that Rhino is a good first frame to pick up but where are people getting their control modules from? It seems that three quarters of the requirements are easy and early, while the other is much further on.
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