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  1. still haven't had one. Deleting the game. The developers are wasting my time.
  2. I don't know what is happening here, or even how to report it/prove it: Whenever I go from the Orbiter into CD, there is a few mining spots in the initial area, then the rest of the map has NOTHING. Every time. I usually spawn in with Wukong Prime so I can mine without worrying about baddies (btw, having to mine with the glass spawn thing is beyond annoying - fix it please). I can get 3-4 mining spots then have to go into the town, then when I come out, nothing, then go back in, then go back out, THEN the mining spots spawn. Every time. Fix this. It's horrible.
  3. Both of these are incredibly broken. I have not gotten a scilliant in over a month (whatever you did broke the system worse). Hunting: I have over 100 Vizier tags. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - else ever spawns. This isn't fun. Fix your crap DE. -- A seriously annoyed player.
  4. DE, Your scintillant system still sucks. Please fix.
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