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  1. That was just to give a bit of context, and to know what provoked my thoughts and what made me thinking. I did not ask for DE to make it work personally for me, it was a simple suggestions on what I think would make things more rewarding.
  2. Hi ladies and gentlemen, I have got a couple of suggestions that I thought I'll put out here, maybe you like them and perhaps DE will as well, but in case no one does, at least I tried, right?! I work in the Health Care sector in the UK, and mainly play in the weekends. Weekdays are gym, girlfriend, and just general stuff. This is important because I generally completed the challenges for the nightwaves on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. This made me think, how could the challenged be improved for those who do not play every day? I understand that there have been talks about the possibility to work backwards on the challenges, etc. That, I really appreciate. My suggestions would be different. What if there was an extra element for every challenge, similar to the Bounties in Orb Vallis, that would be a requirement, and if the requirement is met for the challenge, and extra % of point would be granted for that challenge? Example.: Kill 100 Eximus units (5.000 points). Bonus requirement: Kill 100 Eximus units in a maximum of 2 missions. Successfully completing the bonus would grant you an extra 50% points (7.500 points for this challenge). Another one could be, Kill 1.500 enemies in 1 mission (long-survival/defense perhaps), for an extra 50% points. These bonus requirements could be applied to almost every challenge, and would perhaps make things a bit more rewarding. Let me know what you think. 🙂
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