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  1. There is a simple experiment: try to kill its first head when its armor is intact, then strip it, kill the second and third ones and compare the TTK. And it will show that all heads share armor
  2. Guess you are right, it's intermittent as hell. I have made about 10 runs to make some tests and 4 out of 10 times effigy did work, but 6 times didn't. I did absolutely the same every single time, and have no idea how does it work... does not work. My only guess is that the skill does not work "above" the plane and the uneven of the terrain is to blame.
  3. Warframe wiki: I used to farm credits this way and when I tried this method again recently it didn't work, so it seems to me that Effigy is bugged.
  4. I would say it strongly depends on what type of mission you are running with Baruuk. If those are missions where you encounter relatively small amount of enemies at the same time (exterminate, spy, sabotage and so on), then, i think, first ability will be much more convenient option to vaporize Baruuk's restrain, and you should replace Lull. But for missions like survival (especially steel path), disruption, where there are tonns of enemies all around you, Lull and Desolate Hands much more conveniet to use. Anyways there are few loadouts so you can make 2 variations, first one is with Elude replaced, and second one with replaced Lull.
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