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  1. Sorry if it's not the right place to post it but I'm a new-ish player and was confused as hek trying to find how to do Help Clem Nightwave mission. Turns out you need to unlock it first by doing few quests starting from "A man of few words", you can find it in your Codex section. More info: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/A_Man_of_Few_Words
  2. Let me get it strait: rewards are bad because you don't like them some are good, easy obtainable and you need them but you won't do it because it's waste of time. Oh well. Your topic seems to be wrong though, should be "I don't like doing Nightwave no matter what rewards it gives".
  3. Mesa! Was amazed at first but she got old real quick, incredibly boring to play. Limbo. That huge cloudy dome just annoys the void out of me.
  4. Mine was done after restarting the game and joining a friend (he had quest done already), maybe that will help? Oh, and also at first I was picking the mission manually on the map and after joining a friend I picked it from the quest tab. I'm not sure what made it work, just adding information.
  5. Aaaan after doing this few more times without any progress in numbers it just completed itself. 9 scans done, I have no idea what happened.
  6. So... you know the most boring part of it where you need to scan three mobs? Well, I've done it multiple times and progression stuck on 1/3 of them. I tried to talk to Cephalon just in case if that's a visual bug but no, he doesn't say anything new. Yes, I equipped the right, synthesis scanner and used traps. Yes, I found the right mobs, Elite Arid Lancers, they have a blue outline. Yes, they disintegrate after scanning all the nodes on them. Yes, Cephalon talks to me after that and I receive affinity for the successful mission. And yes, every time it shows 1/3. I've done it six times before posting this. Support tickets s sent, but maybe there is a way to "fix" this on my side? Please help, it prevents me from moving forward in the game, I stuck on Europa 😕
  7. Would be really nice to have ETA on next season because the situation with nitain extracts is really tough for new players. Caches are a horrible way to farm them and Ghoul bounties are not available atm 😞 EDIT: heck, I didn't notice the update, the anticipation is high! EDIT 2: or was it about Concord in general? Awww...
  8. New player here, started building my first prime yday and found out that I lack extracts, googled it and yeah... Not even sure if there is any point of doing sabotage with those drop rates. My poor blueprints, you'll have to wait 😪
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