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  1. I 3rd that sentiment... it is definitely apparent that console players get left in the dust more times than is acceptable. You have an entire Community dedicated to this game and you primarily focus on PC players. If there was a form of console discrimination, that would be it. We all payed hundreds of dollars for this amazing game and don't get the full content that PC gets nor the fixes that PC gets. Common DE... And to reiterate on the statement above me, scarlet spear IS ending in a few days.. you guys had ample time to send out hotfixes... plus u r working from home there for, more inclined to enjoy what you are doing and be productive?. So fix things WHEN they need to be... FOR US ALL
  2. on behalf of every single Warframe player in the world I want to thank you for coming up with fixes for the Scarlet spear! Especially so close to its end date. I can't tell you how useful an update is especially when the event is about to end. So thankyou from all of us for waiting until the last minute. On a side note I really want to thank you guys for the self damage animation rollback thing. It is extremely useful and the way to counter the fall back works perfectly... not. It is completely broken and a huge time-waster you guys need to refine that ASAP
  3. Stay safe and healthy tenno, save your strength for The New War ...
  4. That fade marker thing to the ayatan stars etc..... Is unnecessary to say the least? Why do that? Far more important things to address wouldn't You agree?
  5. Are consoles getting the Affinity booster still?? Lol we better be...........
  6. Are we ever going back to The Silver Grove? is there more hiding in the silver Grove besides Titania? Also, seeing as you are revamping the arcanes, are you then in turn adding more arcane's? If so perhaps make new infested arcane's and or infested zaws. They are the only kind of weapon type you haven't made new things of. yet everybody, and I mean everybody uses them. Food for thought😍
  7. READ THIS IDEA! :D a forest theme warframe seems to be in order. what are tenno if not the protectors of life and balance. something that deals with trees, roots, leaves, thorny vines poison and forest greenlife and the cycle of rebirth. typing this out now im getting more ideas so im going to stay on this thought! the forests of earth seem to be forgotten. technology seems dominant. especially with the newest frame... Somewhere in the silver grove an ancient ally wakes from its deep rest. natahs song was heard throughout and by all, but not all who heard were known or accounted for by the sentients. as the vines twist and break, as the leaves fall away... as the silver grove wakes again! so does HE! Enter (name ideas) "Druidan" "Entus" "Foliant" "Folian" (something to do with an earthy foresty guardian etc) titanias forgotten partner of the forests and silver grove. obviosly new loka will be involved, could have parts or perhaps hold the quest. now on to the frame. take groot for a concept idea, only add a tenno some vines. perhaps a sage looking root man with a robe of leaves. (the leaves could even change color as energy gets low or do some transform thing like nidus) the oberon forest skin is a great idea where to start, but think bulkier. like an old forest hermit who did nothing but grow house plants and lift trees for 1000 years with a disgust for the impending war. war affects all life as you know. as for abilites i got some ideas. A ability. some kind of vine wave from underground similar to Frosts A. only it entraps them in spiked vines for a bit and does a dot to surroudning enimies with lashing vines, but it opens them up for the B ability. B ability, a leaf cloak or a leave cloak sheild whirling around you cutting foes healing allies. cast on people trapped in vines to turn the trapped into trees that have some kind of radial buff. limit enimies effected of course if needed and time limit needed. buff unsure, thats for you guys. as for the C ability. "Silverlights", he calls and releases fire flies to spread out over an large area and blind all and gives you a 50% or wtv chance to do a finisher? i like that idea lol. lastly, the D ability or 4th, i have a few ideas. "Forest god" transform into an Ent like being (think lotr) and go from there. Or. "Gaia's Price" some kind of aoe life drain, halves life of all around you feeding the power within aka all you other abilites. representing the cycle of life, it gives but it must take away, why not the blood or life energy of enimes both robic and living for all comes from the earth, all was once living and must be returned. yeah that last idea sounds better than the ent thing lol. dont worry i have personal weapons in mind too ( as well as concept art ideas i cant post now, contact me no problem) melee weapon. a leafy vine sword whip that works like a blade and whip, or a vine sword whip that is just a whip. we all can agree its been a long time since new types of THESE weapons were made. and as for the concept art for them, i also have many ideas that you will love i think. primary weapon. take the panthera, redo it, make it better with something similar for a special shot. i like the idea of a tree man holding a saw blade or blade shooting type thing, the irony alone will be adored and you know it lol. secondary weapon. throwing bladed leaves that act like a cernos bow shot. one splits into many and it needs toxin or gas damage for sure. i have many more things to add into this idea and i truly feel this is a GREAT start to somthing we all would love to see and play with. it can be added into the story very well with the idea of being woken by natahs song and it really has been some time since we saw something from earth besides POE. Also, another idea. you know that lady in cetus that lives in the tower and protects the city. the lore on her is cool. dive into that story a bit guys, its tied to the sentients and who knows, perhaps she had a secret weapon beisdes the ones we know that hellped her being the only surivor. just some ideas! please get back to me, this has gravity i know it. have a great weekend and ty for the new fashion frame parts today!!
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