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  1. Hi, I have been thinking recently about Warframe's world-building and have come to interesting conclusions and suggestions that I'd like to share. Suggestion 1:- For example: when designing a tileset having player interactive events or objects that give context and lore can be amazing. something like freeing the indebted prisoners from the Corpus that was incorporated recently was amazing. a few other suggestions: A rare Corpus tileset designed around a stock exchange that is filled with 'enemies' that are stock traders. The player would be able to hack a console and receive credits from selling the trader's stocks. A rare Grineer tileset that is designed around an arms trading outpost, where the player can either hack a console to gain arms trading information or capture the head supervisor of the outpost and on mission completion, the player is awarded. A tileset that contains prisoners that are a part of a particular Syndicate either an ally or an enemy. that upon freeing they would give reputation. (this is linked to one of my other suggestions). A rare tileset on Earth that is designed with a dilapidated Orokin treasury in mind that upon solving a simple puzzle or hacking an Orokin console you'd be awarded an Ayatan Treasure. what's important about these interactive events is that they are subliminal world-building. they come not from the game mechanics but from the story and lore established within the game. Lore like that the Grenier is a militaristic autocracy, or like the Corpus is a corrupt capitalistic society. Suggestion 2:- how is it that the different factions within the Warframe universe interact and trade? because usually in trades there are mediators and middlemen that establish and close out the trade. I suggest a new faction that is a loose alliance of traders, messengers, spies, and so on that could be used to populate markets and business areas around the Warframe universe, which leads to my next suggestion. Suggestion 3:- Aren't the Warframes and us as the player meant to be war relics turned mercenaries? then how come that we are only in contact with a few characters at most? usually with mercenaries in movies, TV shows, and so on they know a lot of people but trust little, my suggestion here is to build upon my previous suggestion and utilize the 'alliance of traders' faction as this shady group of individuals that are bound together out of the necessity to establish minimum order and rules for functioning trade. and with this, we have our network as the mercenary to find jobs, information, items, and so on. this is pure world-building but can be incorporated in-game. for example:- In-game trading posts are run by the 'alliance of traders' and the more trustworthy or in other words the more trades you perform with the 'alliance of traders' you might get bounces like discounts or exclusive rights over limited items and so on. Sellers in the Cetus and Fortuna outposts having 'alliance of traders' insignia or mentioning them could help in connecting the different outposts and make them feel like a single world Implementing an In-game live market system that is operated in the lore by the 'alliance of traders'. having limited time special missions that could be done for the 'alliance of traders' to get back what was stolen or to punish people who wronged them. This would really help to expand what Teno are in the present. Suggestion 4:- I feel like the Syndicate system could do a lot more for Warframe's world-building. The Syndicates feel isolated from the greater lore of Warframe when it comes to gameplay because all you do is stick a sigil to your Warframe and do missions while masquerading with their sigil. I suggest instead simply make it so that the player could select a Syndicate from the Syndicate menu and whatever non-quest mission they run is turned into a Syndicate mission with flavor communication at the start of the mission. this way players are no longer forced to equip sigils. and the system is streamlined to apply to the player instead of the Warframe itself. Also, a secondary suggestion to make the Syndicate system more ingrained in the Warframe lore is to make the Syndicate ascension ritual more like the player mastery rank ascension ritual, by giving the player a one mission mini-quest that gives the backstory of the Syndicate, what it stands for, and how it was established. and this also serves as a way to naturally establish recognition of trust between the Syndicate and the player.
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