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  1. When I saw the mustaches, I immediately thought "This would look amazing on my Limbo Prime." So here we are. I wanted something that not only showcased the mustache I picked, but also one that I felt worked well with my Limbo Prime. Like if Warframes could actually have them, I feel like this one is perfect for Limbo. So with this Captura shot, I wanted something that not only showed off Limbo's face for the mustache, but something that also showcased the particle effects on Limbo's abilities. This was a picture that I thought tied it all together well.
  2. Hopefully some other Prime pieces enter the relics we already have, as we’ve have had Limbo, Mesa, and Zephyr Prime in the non-vaulted relics since I started playing roughly half a year ago. Unless it’s always been those few in those relics, but I have gotten everything out of the non-vaulted relics so I don’t see a point in running them anymore so they’re just gathering dust in my inventory.. it would be nice to have even just one different weapon or two scattered in the more common relics that are commonly in circulation, or a way to exchange the relics we have far too many of for credits or ducats.
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