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  1. also he has powers coming out of his poop sack looking neck
  2. It doesn't necesarily have to be named Thanos, maybe Thanus? Imagine one of his abilities is like Vauban's 2 where you can switch thru abilities - Power Stone - Reality Stone - Time stone - Soul stone And then he says I aM IneVitABLE and dusts all grineer out of existance wacha say bois and gurls?
  3. "yO hElLo HoMieS mY nAmE Is LiFE oF rIo today gonna tell u bout how Steve Sinclair beard is ruining warframe OMG i can't believe it content drough dsadsadfdsijfdjoisj" life of rio in a nut shell
  4. I've Heard nothing from DE regarding the rework that Vauban needs Have they said anything that i've miss?
  5. Tho not everything is really that "advanced" or ninja looking, tale a look at the Grineer.
  6. You can go to your profile and check "posts"
  7. Yeah, Volt is more of an "Speedy-electric boi" , while Thor is more of a God of thunder. I just can't imagine Thor deploying shields or running fast af
  8. Yeah but it I mean something with a special passive and that actually looks like an Thor's hammer, plus Frager is kinda..emh...bad, unless you have some +crit +dmg riven etc
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