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  1. Melee is actually with her on her feet. That (floating) would require tons of overhaul and reworks, for all the melee stances, so it’s not a glitch or error.
  2. Her ult is definitely not worth the energy drain for the poor tic scale. Let’s hope DE reevaluates that. I use it ridiculously sparingly. Beautiful frame, otherwise!
  3. Was utilizing Twitch myself and it hasn’t worked for a while now.
  4. Also - her Reservoirs do not pulse with Breach Surge as shown, I find. Great frame though. Just a few tweaks needed!
  5. I know her motes are gained as you level the frame - I just unlocked ‘Haste’ and she comes with vitality. My issue is that in multiple instances her reservoirs aren’t being picked up by my squadmates - as they walk through them or are even within the ‘affected area’ by them. And you’re right - her reservoirs don’t pulse with Surge. Must be an error.
  6. I love the update! It’s amazing, truly! Errors I’ve encountered though: I’ve encountered multiple times where reservoirs aren’t picked up by your squad and they don’t refresh (you don’t get the strongest one from others) and where a surge spark doesn’t spawn remotely (despite multiple times of use 10+ times). And on the plains of Eidolon (despite the passive) enemies can still see me and attack me all the time.
  7. Maybe that’s it. The only ones available as of now are the vitality motes. That was definitely it! Thanks!
  8. Forgive my incompetence for this - but how exactly do you disperse the various types of Reservoirs for Wisp on PS4? She’s only dispatching the Vitality mote atm and I’ve tried literally everything.
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