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  1. Well done, as always, but, uh... the song is called Sakimori no Uta (or Song of the Protector, in English).
  2. Ok, full disclosure: this post is mostly me ranting about songs I really like, and if you can make a good mandachord song out of one, that's just gravy. Gosenfu no Sanctuary (backup link) is reason #3 I wish Symphogear did more villain songs. Not that there aren't plenty of songs sung by villains, but only three of them feel like Villain Songs, and they're all sung by the same character. Sakimori no Uta (backup link) represents a continuing trend - two, actually: one of me being an absolute sucker for exactly this sort of genre-defying instrument choice, and the other of Tsubasa always having the best songs (even if only a couple even slightly work on the mandachord). EDIT: video links may be wonky (I swear they weren't giving me issues yesterday), I'll see if I can find better ones
  3. Yeah, that's about what I figured. Still surprised I was the first to ask about it
  4. As I alluded previously, a new Symphogear album released. Of the ten songs, half of them have two or more vocal parts, which I imagine would make a mandachord version difficult at best (I'll have to give them another listen to see if there's any good instrumental sections), and one other is not to my taste. That leaves me with... four. Hm. Well, I need to find good videos for them anyway. In the meantime, I'm surprised no one's asked you to do the new Pokemon Battle Tower theme yet - personally I'm not sure it's a good fit for the mandachord, but I'm still surprised no one's asked.
  5. Being completely honest, I haven't been paying enough attention to say whether this is a constant issue or just a periodic one, but I've noticed it more than once
  6. Changing loadouts through the button on the starchart sometimes appears to do nothing, but exiting the starchart will show your equipment as changed, even though your model hasn't. Going into your arsenal will resolve the issue
  7. Maroo's Bazaar hasn't been loading properly for me. Well, ok, the location loads fine, it's other players that aren't loading; I'm not even getting the placeholder models you usually get. The only reason I noticed at all is that I encountered a few free-floating "Trade" prompts. And I also can't see what people are offering for trade. (I have not tested to see if the issue exists in other hubs as well.)
  8. Presented without context (there's also this version with just the song, but I highly recommend watching the other one at least once)
  9. Can you take a look at Setsuna Trip (1:20)? (Full disclosure: this is the one that was giving me drum trouble. I've since gotten it to a "good enough" state, but I'd like to see if you can get more out of it. Also curious about your thoughts on instrument selection) I'd also like to see if you can get anything from either of Gekka Bijin (0:56) or GUN BULLET XXX (0:50), both from Symphogear AXZ
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