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  1. Agreed, seeing how quickly this hotfix was sent for cert De can most certainly release updates more frequently going forward. I think its fair to say that we can expect rising Tide update in about 2 weeks
  2. Please please can you have a look at the bounties in Orb Vallis. We are unable to hack consoles in the final stages.
  3. I couldnt agree more. Every post from DE this week all contained apologies ... apologies and more apologies. It feels as if the game and players are being neglected.
  4. Yes, this please..... PC is on Tennogen round 17 almost and consoles still lagging behind on round 14..... Too many excuses and apologies DE.
  5. I'm definitely not buying the Prime Access this round...Better hold off and wait 3 months for Ivara Prime release☺
  6. I think they mean that we will get 75% of what it is currently. If my match serves me right we will only loose 25% of the current earnings, for example Instead of 2000 endo we will get 1500 endo.
  7. All I see is plat grabbing cosmetics and cosmetics and more cosmetics ... please just stop this and bring real content ... please. I know you need to make money aswell but this is really hurting the players DE.
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