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  1. Opticor. Why no one appreciate it, the photon cannon.
  2. Maybe Tyl Regor move to another planet? Like Hek. I have come out a name for the Grineer Graveyard, The Asphodel. In Greek myth, Asphodel is the place where the deceased gone to, they wander at there mindlessly.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asphodel_Meadows
  3. *fun fact After that t4 Exterminate the reward is NOTHING, not even a single prime parts or bp. The only thing useful is the Cicero mod obtained from VOR ==
  4. I get stuck at the damn freaking wall and my teamates are all clearing the T4 exterminate ==
  5. Good idea to introduce new environment. Make it foggy and creepy, maybe the Grineer lurk in the mist and act like ghost.
  6. Warframe of four element, Terra, Hydroid, Zephyr and Ember live peacefully. But everthing change when the Ember army invaded......
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