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  1. While I don't play a Loki and have never owned one - When did a basic ability of the Loki become an exploit? I mean this is one of the original suits and a technique that's been used from near day one in this game. Some operations are one or more big pits begging every Loki player to use it to kill mobs or save themselves (inadvertently killing a mob). The pitfall was an ascetic choice. The operation could have had a lower floor with an elevator for the Demolysts. The swap would then have been a delay tactic not a kill. Other bosses have simply been made immune to swapping. Why are we suddenly crying foul? Why are we talking perma-ban instead of fixing the operation. This is a game that's constantly evolving. There will be levels like this that don't account for all the suit abilities. I think we should just suck this up as a level design goof and remind the level designers not to put bottomless pits next to critical mobs without making them immune to swapping or getting knocked off. Otherwise we risk losing the player base that supports this game.
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