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  1. I'm guessing this has already been reported, but the issue was somewhat fixed and is now broken again. If you have more than one of a type you can manually increment to donate the max. The max button puts the quantity to zero now, and if you only have a singular medallion, you can't donate it AT ALL. I have one medallion worth 5000 standing for Arbiters of Hexis that I can't donate. The UI won't even bring up the redemption screen when I click on that medallion. Apparently there is a workaround currently for this problem. I didn't see the post but I tried it and it works. In spite o
  2. So sad now about the graphics change from this patch. My machine is roughly 4 years old and now there is no spotlight in the arsenal and everything is dim and lacking in contrast. I don't have a way to show a screenshot unless I do a the long process of recovering my Flickr account that I haven't used in 4 years, if it even exists, or setting up another photo account I would only be using to report bugs with. The biggest problems I have with this game is fixes of things no one was complaining about. I'm hoping that this graphics issue gets fixed. Not sure what it is, but my crap Intel HD G
  3. Same here. It's not just that the brightness is off. Everything looks yellow and washed out everywhere, not just in the orbiter. No more fashion frame for me. All my warframes look like crap and I just did a very pretty Titania Prime last night. Please do a fix for machines without dedicated graphics cards. One of the reasons I play this game instead of some others is that Warframe did look a lot better and had better performance on my potato machine. Now, I don't even want to log in because my warframes look terrible. Why buy skins when they look like crap? My husband was so in awe o
  4. Take pictures? My cellphone responds to my touch so poorly that it takes me roughly 10 minutes to take one picture. They don't give me time to read in between the jumps, do they? I'm really slow at reading...about 5th grade speed when I was in junior high school. High IQ but really slow at reading and writing. It's why I majored in applied mathematics in college. Apologies for sounding harsh on the real life comment. I don't actually have one and played a previous game a total of about 30K hours over 7 years, but for once I'd like a game that doesn't have a schedule of activities that g
  5. Any chance of making a second story version that does NOT grant extra nightwave standing and does NOT have any timed challenges, puzzles, or parkour? Even if I can do the challenges, chances are I won't be able to remember the conclusions that I might come to on the clues, given the trauma of time pressure. I tried doing the first one and couldn't even do the first jump due to the time taken to look around. Tried that twice and decided that I'm not going to bother with it and I'll just go try it after I have all the credits from doing the reward track. At that point, I'll likely just go w
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