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  1. I've seen this mod when it's working properly and also when it doesn't. When I started playing the game in April it wasn't pacifying the feral kavats but it was serving as an indicator that some were around. Later, like maybe 2 months ago (not sure), the mod was working correctly, pacifying the feral kavats so I could scan them. Now, the mod is again not working. It's very frustrating having people wait while we carefully clear out ALL the infested just to get a semblance of calm from a feral kavat, or have an Ivara try to use sleep arrow on a crazy jumping around kavat. I'm not sure when this bug reappeared. Does anyone know?
  2. I've noticed this on only some of the prime frames I have. For example, if I am wearing the default skin for Mesa Prime in the arsenal and try previewing the Mesa Kudegra skin, I do not see the Kudegra skin, only the helmet. What I do see is the Mesa Prime skin with the prime bits or some of them toggled off. I haven't been able to check all the prime frames I have but so far I have checked 3. Mesa Prime and Volt Prime have the issue; Equinox Prime does not. The issue does not appear to exist after the Tennogen skin is bought. I'm just a bit troubled by having to equip another skin every time I want to preview a Tennogen skin in the arsenal, plus I was passing over buying some of them because I thought they looked exactly like the prime skins. Can anyone having this issue post the Prime frame with the issue in this thread so we can maybe get this fixed. I'm pretty sure it's a recent bug, given I bought several Tennogen skins for Mesa while wearing the Mesa Prime skin when it was new. btw, if this issue has been mentioned elsewhere please post a link and people should mention the frames there too.
  3. Yep....I was looking and listening for anything anomalous on Uranus for 3-4 weeks. They are pretty obvious, but they just failed to appear. I did have one instance of hearing them but not being able to find them. So, it was just bad spawn RNG for me I guess. Like I said they finally showed up after 3-4 weeks and no idea why they didn't b4 that given my MR was 15 I think when I started the nodes on the planet.
  4. I just bought a Zylok from Baro and I was prompted to buy the weapon slots after which I bought the weapon. For some reason I ended up with 2 of the weapon (untradeable). Has the merchant UI been changed to purchase the item automatically after you buy the weapon slots on prompt after having already clicked on the buy? Has anyone else experienced this? The normal thing is that you have to click on the buy after you have adequate inventory.
  5. Well, like I said. I don't have control over DE's funky Oculyst spawn RNG.
  6. I didn't have any problems except for the fact that the prerequisite for the Natah quest just wasn't happening for me. Weeks of looking for oculysts and none in sight. Unfortunately, that slowed my star chart progress down much more than my not doing story.
  7. I do story; I just don't rush through it to get to something else.
  8. Ah Ah...didn't know that, given I have chat hidden almost all the time, unless there is update info.
  9. Pretty sure I've had sunny pobbers count at different locations, but you might be right.
  10. Why? It's my least favorite part of the game. If I want story, I go read a book. I couldn't even hear the monolog from the NPC on my last story segment because of all the gunfire, lol.
  11. I've only gotten 1/6 perfect animal capture in 2 hours I think. It would be a lot easier with Ivara, but I don't have Ivara. I actually got 2 but one didn't count because it says "different" whatever that is.
  12. I don't think hardly anyone who plays the game is protected from spoilers by DE not telling them, and honestly, I think they do more harm than good by hiding what the elite weekly is. It de-incentivizes me to do the story because I feel they are "yanking my chain". If I wanted that I would go back to the more transparent marketing ploys from my previous game I played for 7 years and roughly 25K hours. Come to think of it, I'm more likely to encounter a spoiler from fishing around to find out what the elite weekly is than being told what the title and object of the weekly is like was stated b4 today's patch.
  13. Honestly, I play this game way more than I normally would just because of nightwave, so I'd rather not do either of those elite weeklies. I'm going to become a bitter vet due before I get to the vet stage just because of having to do stuff I wouldn't normally be doing. One of the reasons that my story and star chart don't progress as much as I would like is that I'm too busy doing chorewave.
  14. btw, I had difficulty enough getting my last story available. I had to do Uranus missions for a month b4 the "Grineer drones" (oculysts) would spawn. btw, if a friend or other player told me and it's a spoiler, then that wouldn't make it not a spoiler, so it's just a way for me to not know if I can get to the next elite weekly by the end of the week. That's the only point I see in hiding it. btw, sorties shows, and I am not qualified to do that either.
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