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  1. Not sure of all the factors but It seems that one of the main reasons the change was made to vazarin because of the op links and maybe encourage other players to heal op links from the flotilla with credits which is a feature meant to have ppl support each other in the game mode but then it effects the rest of the game such as defense objectives in a negative way and the feature itself isn’t such a big feature that it makes the change to vazarin feel like its not the right solution. Being able to heal objectives with vazarin is one of the main ways people use vazarin in other game modes and its very useful when you want to play higher level content which makes it fun but its not overpowering or anything there is still definitely a challenge its a matter of keeping an eye on the objective and still want to use other forms of defense with warframe abilities and what not. I think it would be good to rethink the changes and have it so vazarin can heal defenses again like before. I know the communication on the forums are not the best at times and the devs try their best. They deserve respect. Hopefully from the good respectful feedback the devs able to consider this because many people feel this way.
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