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  1. Kohm sci-satiata +124.8% slash +124.2% multishot +162.8% damage
  2. I actually got a bit better than just trash ones. So That’s why I payed just a bit more
  3. I mean like hey man I bought both now. Only spending total 700. And if you think I’m trying to rip people off I’m not. And if you want to keep on complaining that I am that’s fine. Its your problem, I don’t really care. I’m just trying to be a reasonable nice person okay. I don’t like talking to people like you who make others look bad. Btw gram bought for 250 and accletra for 450. Yes I do know the difference between bs prices. I’ve traded with many people selling stuff under much of what their worth. That’s just my way. And yes I replied to this very late due to real life issues. Just have a good rest of your week if you see this. Like I said I don’t care.
  4. When I mean a bit of plat I don’t mean like 70 I mean like 200 or 300
  5. Wanting to buy crappy versions of them both. acceletra and a gram riven pm on ps4- chopper64k with an offer. I will also maybe include an atlas prime set with a bit of p for the riven. not paying high prices so That is why I will offer the atlas prime set along with a bit of p. But first send me your offer/trade first. thanks.
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