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  1. I can’t remove the cipher bundle blueprint from my wishlist. There’s no star icon. I added it before the icon existed, although there was no way to take it off then either. If it can be fixed, I’d be grateful. Also, floof ventriloquist. That would be funny to see on one of the streams.
  2. How long will the fundraiser for Australia last? I might give a small donation after I check out what’s actually happened. This is news to me. Also, I was wondering which week TennoCon would be this year so I can get the time off from my job to visit. If it won’t be announced until later, no worries. Thanks in advance!
  3. I know this is a little late, but thanks for the opportunity to get the GV at the Game Awards stream! I hate to nitpick, but in what timezone is 2 p.m.? EST is what I remember you guys usually work with, but if there’s been a change I think us peasants should stay informed so we don’t become misinformed and let our emotions run free. Looking forward to what’s bubbling in the cauldron for the game tomorrow!
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