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  1. I'll give this year a shot. My first ever Inktober. And...a selfimposed challenge....MY EXCALIBUR OC ONLY. Halloween The First - Ring. Halloween the Second - Mindless.....the Mindless Grind Halloween The Third - Bait Halloween The Fourth - Freeze Halloween The Fifth - Build Halloween the Sixth - Husky Halloween The Seventh - Enchanted - YALL I FOUND GLITTER PENS Halloween the Eighth - Frail - ‼️‼️BODY HORROR ALERT ‼️‼️- Because of the content of the art, I have decided to keep it on Twitter. In the spoiler is the LINK ONLY. If you wish to see it, you may click the link and view it on Twitter. CONTENT WARNING INCLUDES: Exposed flesh/muscle, exposed bone on the face/chest, and some others. It's not colored, so there's no visible blood. Halloween the Tenth - Swing - Minor Content warning on this one for colored blood, but nothing else too gross!
  2. Swaz-do lah, fellow tenno. I've noticed Umbra is not allowed in use or referenced. Can Umbra-like warframes be used? For example: A warframe with semi-sentience? They're a bit busted so their warframe powers are non-functional and they spend most of their time being a cryptid on the plains or in cetus. Let me know, I'll see what I can do.
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