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  1. same problem here... we all had to abandon the mission. host migration made it even worse, only the former hosts oplink was visible but we still did not receive any kill codes. we lost 3 shedu parts, 1 war part and several new mods 😕
  2. hope this hasn't been postet yet X) Fortune teller Support: He/she could draw tarot cards to distribute random buffs to the party Attack: throw his/her crystal ball which then explodes and causes random status effects on enemies (burn,corrosion etc.) Support: Summon a spooky pet that disarms/cripples/bleeds etc. enemies and when cast on allies will support them by negating status effect like bleed/knockdown etc. for a while Defense: establish an area where spirits will slow down and confuse enemies or use one of these paper fortune teller thingies/tarot cards/an ouija board to determine which effect the area/spirits will have (fear/slow/paralyze/confusion etc.) the area could also have a positive effect to allies.
  3. Pet questions: Will pets still require to be fed dna stabilizers? If yes, how will it work? imagine I own 100 pets already, will they all slowly decay because stasis won't keep them safe any more? Or will only pets that I take with me (are active during a mission) require dna stabilizer from time to time? How many randomized kubrow options will we get? will kavats get more options too? can we expect new patterns, body models, fur and energy colors? what happens with our existing pets? I assume they won't change their looks, but what about traits? will they be without one because they are old? will you assingn random traits to them and my favourite kavat might get a S#&$ty one? may we chose a trait for our old pets? will there be negative traits? (fear of ... / slow / reduced armor)? and while you're at it, can we get a wild vasca color palette, can you revert executioner grey to its original color instead of "vasca white", and is it intentional that the moonless skin and arrow tail on kavats is super floppy since the vasca update?
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