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  1. We'll see how they changes and what they make.......later !
  2. Please end up the #*!%in nightwave ! I literally hated the damn 3 kids every solo mission when i got in dead twice , please end it up , or you guys stop making them invulnerable !
  3. At.....Boring.........! What's drop this time ?
  4. Can you guys fix this freaky sortie rewards ? I felt #*!%ing damn on these four days sortie each day gave me a rifle riven was Tonkor , like wtf ? 7days a week 2 years not even see any drop rifle riven about sniper or about Fulmin not any once drop , this games #*!%in hell like right now 23 Mr not get any one of them really ? It's that systems glitched ? Or what ?
  5. Too Busy , no time to watch also no any drop , nah...byebye DE
  6. Ducats ducats ducats always ducats , can you guys changes something different for the rewards ? Damnit...
  7. Damn....you guys keep nerfing those rivens , after those good rivens became trash useless , so how about just cancel these freaking rivens in sortie rewards ?
  8. How to play ? Riven becoming worst almost . should you think about change rerolling kuva cost ?
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