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  1. sortie rewards should be as such playing it 3 times 1st play rewards 2000 endo 3x titain extract 3 day booster 2nd play- riven mod lens 4000 endo 3rd play- greater lens legendary core exilus adaptor
  2. didnt they nerf it when it had innate health regain and full blocking
  3. terrible idea adding a forma as a sortie reward same with the nitain extract just more diluted now, add more items less chance of getting something else. sortie should give more than just one reward if your giving forma and nitain extract out... ash's fourth sounds life a terrible nerf you got to mark targets as your getting shot with enemies...how well will that work in high levels. (ill play it first though) everything else is nice, especially the new skin's
  4. A sentinel becomes effective and it's nerfed
  5. No way defeats the purpose of the using abilitys
  6. Annoyed with Simulor being included as a syndicate weapon as it sounds stupid to have that there if cephalon is giving the normal one, should replace this with a different one You can't use syndicate mods on syndicate weapons, yes they make the weapons more powerful but then should balance around it and why can't you use them it sounds stupid The crit chance on the bow is still terrible Everything else was good just the top is very disappointing
  7. Really mate? He's not meant to be offensive while he has 2 of the best abilities in the game!! Radial disarm Invisibility
  8. And the nerfs will not end here it will start all over again with him needing another rework
  9. frost changes are nice
  10. Weapon swap speed is terribley slow and depends on the weapon animation aswell. They defiantly need to be faster Bombards should be much slower than normal enemies die to there large size and heavy weapon but it's basically the weapon they carry that needs an update as it does to much damage on the hit with a high chance of blast proc while that still being high damage and even follows you everywhere but the most annoying is the aoe it gives with no visual effect and goes through walls. Bombards weapons should have a visual effect of the fire hazard aoe and should not go through walls and the damage/fire should not go round blocked areas or cover. If just that was changed would make a big difference
  11. frost changes still need work: like his 4th should a duration based freeze and his first should freeze the main target and slows those around that target or freeze all targets around that target
  12. what is actually the problem with the ability?
  13. well no survivability on his 4th now which leaves that skill bad for high levels
  14. Normal Excalibur need a buff to his stats and he got that with armour although I would have said boost speed or health abit or a passive which has not been confirmed. However Excalibur prime should get a buff to the stats aswell but yes they should be more than the normal Excalibur like the armour buff which is only like 2 percent difference. I believe it should work like that as he's a prime and all primes get are upgrades and founders did put money into the game which there was no information to if it would be a permanent game or a fail project that was the risk and why founders keep the prime and why DE keep him unobtainable. Pay to win ? Not really Excalibur prime back then had no advantage at all until now meaning it's was not pay to win it was cosmetic
  15. Venom should be able to spread to enemies on its own at the end of the duration Contagion needs a rework or tweaking somehow Molt I'd rather it was a timer instead of damage or somehow scale Misama it's very good damage I don't think he really needs anything as its a nuke ability
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