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  1. Rivens don't count. You shouldn't need a Riven to make a weapon usable. In fact, I personally think Rivens should've never been added to the game, but that's for a different discussion.
  2. All robotic weapons can be put on any robotic companion. You could put a Sweeper on Helius, if you wanted.
  3. Anything that could be even a slight Metroid reference/nod gets a "yes, please!" from me.
  4. No worries. And don't get me wrong, there are quite a few Warframe weapons that need buffs, but that's for a different topic.
  5. I'm talking about weapons that can only be put on Sentinels and MOAs. Not Corpus weapons that our Warframes can use.
  6. The currently available choices for robotic companion weapons are almost all insanely weak. The only somewhat usable ones are Sweeper Prime and Artax, and even then, they pale in comparison to how much damage Kubrows and Kavats can put out. Robotic weapons are long overdue for updates/buffs. Make them actually useful. Also,
  7. That needs to be a Synapse skin now.
  8. Despite the patch notes for today's update saying that Kavat armor emissives have been fixed, this still is an issue. As before, no matter what colors I pick, the parts that should be controlled by emmissive color options still stay light blue/cyan.
  9. This is still an issue. Also, why has there been no feedback whatsoever about the well-explained issues with "melee 2.9"? Why was the feedback thread unstickied without a word? The current melee system is broken, and very unintuitive/clunky. Please, either address the community about the issues and respond to their feedback, or roll back the changes until you come up with a full, well made rework instead of a partial one.
  10. I'm glad to see more people agreeing with this now. When I suggested this a few years ago, most just shrugged it off. I really hope they make this change... Though I know one thread with few likes/upvotes will not get their attention.
  11. Oh man, back when Acrid was king of secondaries, and Dual Ethers were one of, if not the, best melee weapons in the game. So many old weapons that are just gathering dust...
  12. Popping in to also add that I don't like the melee changes. The visual upgrades are nice, but that's pretty much it. Having the ability to manually block removed is/was a horrible idea, especially since there are mods that only really worked with manual blocking (Guardian Derision, being one of them). Plus, as others have said, the removal of quick melee makes things more frustrating/annoying than they should be, especially in regards to gear items. You can no longer just smash a resource crate/deposit without unequipping any gear item you had out.
  13. What I am referring to in the title is the fact that you can't equip mods on sentinel/moa weapons that are already equipped on weapons your frame is using. This has been an issue for years, and is now even more so of one since the changes to exalted weapons/companions (you can have the same mods on both your main weapons and your exalted ones, and in Khora's case, the same mods on your animal companion and Venari, no need for duplicate mods for any of these). Please, just remove this obsolete and contradictory restriction already...
  14. I know they probably want to push people towards breeding, but I think having so many cosmetic factors for Kavats and Kubrows be RNG-based is bad. I'd love to see full appearance customization for animal companions, including a better selection of colors.
  15. No matter what colors I chose for the emissive color slots, the light colors on the armor stay the same default light blue/cyan.
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