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  1. I don't require you to. I don't believe anyone does? Or are you saying that you're not complaining no one should?
  2. I have Frost building at the moment, for completing another quest/excavation which seems much too fiddly otherwise... Thanks!
  3. Thank you kindly. I think I can wait until they have time, but maybe I will see you first. 🙂
  4. If I wait until my emotions quiet, I will say nothing, and nothing will change. Not all patience is wisdom, Tenno.
  5. Third one, with the 140k buy-in. Lost on the first round twice while all the previous ones were cakewalks. Thought it was a fluke so I tried again, then realized I was a third of my creds in the hole.
  6. I think the other players were AI... At least they performed so poorly as to be more of a problem than any help. Does soloing get rid of the AI teammates? Maybe this is due to a change to the meta since the game mode was released?
  7. Nothing is free. Weird, I'd like to try it again with Nezha but I'm not about to pony up the creds to find out. Too much risk, not enough reward. For me it was random lag. I have not noticed that being a problem in other game modes.
  8. The goal isn't to get rid of it; but not having to carry it around until you want it.
  9. There are numerous issues with the quest and game mode. Not everything DE produces is going to be top notch. It can be fixed but first we must admit that there is a problem. On that note; I suggest a fix: Instead of losing the creds completely, The Index holds them for a week before returning them. The lore says that it is a rent free loan that they invest, because that is a typical Corpus thing to do. Makes a lot more sense in the lore than taking such a large risk for such a small payoff too. This way it's like the mastery rank test. It's a familiar mechanic.
  10. I have never done The Index before... This quest is my first encounter with it and I felt compelled to complete it to help the little girl... Heh. In this light it's like one of those super underhanded scams you hear about... Cold. Maybe that's what made me angry.
  11. I do have friends...! They are just not always on. And yes, one of them immediately suggested Slova. I will have to look into this.
  12. You can get rid of the cyst but you can't get it back. You have a limited number of warframe slots. If you get rid of it on all your frames, you need to either sell something you have worked hard for or buy a slot. Not much of a concern now that I know you do, in fact, NOT need to complete this quest to get the HC, so there is no double jeopardy.
  13. God damnit, yes apparently I can do that but I was listening to some nerd on the tubes of you who said I could not. Yes, it was not a great idea. I have not encountered any other game mechanic like this in WF. I assumed I'd get a trivial mission to recover my creds so that I could try again, like you can try again all the other content in the game, but this was playing for keeps and I was not expecting it.
  14. Yeah, why does this thing need to take up an entire room on the orbiter? It requires some kind of explanation. DE needs to make money to stay in business. I bought the starter pack on Steam and extra plat. No money, no game. Bad game, no money. This part of the game sticks out like a sore thumb so badly that and I'm reconsidering my continued support. It might not matter to you. This is not aimed at any of you replying, but I'm glad you do since it might bring it to the attention of the staff finally.
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