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  1. It's funny, when I made this Topic, I was only a week into the game. I think I was still doing the same first 5 missions over and over again. The point of this Topic was for me to see how people would respond. Before I made this post, I had already purchased more Platinum and used it to buy more slots for my Warframes and Weapons. But I wanted to see what kind of reaction I could get from posting it. I even posted this same Topic in too different Communities on the Ps4. One community gave all kinds of help and solutions to my rant. The other was half and half, I ran into the players who made similar comments as seen here and more. On the other hand, I had others who gave me solutions and offered to help me farm for items to trade for Platinum. In the end I explained I was just see how they would respond. The ones that were willing to help find a solution, are the ones that Warframe need to keep this game alive. No likes to hear someone complaining about the game or whatever they love. But instead of attacking them, led a hand, try to solve their problems or give them your solution and reason for your continued dedication to the thing you Love. I'm not prefect, nor do I pretend to be, none of us are, so we shouldn't try to make it seem like we are. Thanks for your feedback, but next time, try to be more open to solving the problem, not adding to it. Before you begin, yes you did give a solution, but you gave it with an attitude. You can't create a positive outcome out of negativity with more negativity. J. Crenshaw
  2. For new content, what if you gave both new players and the Vets a chance to be a Elite Character(s) for the other Factions. Give player a chance to play as a Elite Stalker, a Corpus, a Grineer or one of the other Factions. A Elite Infested Stalker or whatever. But have them play through the game trying to stop and undo all the Good that the Tenno accomplished. Something like what you're doing with the Emissary. This will also allow players to have the option to battle one another, if set settings allow it and doing normal game play missions. Imagine, you're doing a mission and a player invaded your game. Now you have to both completely both your mission and try to defeat your invader(s). Have it set up, that you can control how many people can invade your mission(s) or if they need to be in a Squad to invade your game. Cause you're in a Squad. At the end of each missions which ever player or team is defeated. You receive a Blueprint(s) for either the components for there Frame, to built your own version of that Frame or a Blueprint(s) for one their Faction greatest Weapon(s) or Item(s). And you receive a Blueprint(s) from each opposing player. So the Tenno objective is to complete their mission and defeat any new opposing threats. While the Player from (let say) Grineer Faction objective is to undo any progress the Tenno completed and defeat them and whoever threatened their Faction Plans. Since their now so many Planets to start from. Each Factions would have there own start planet. Players new and Vets, when logging into to the game, will now have the option to continue playing with existing Tenno Warframe or pick as a new Faction Character. But will be allowed to switch back and forth between Tenno and the Factions. This will create more Missions, Weapons, Frames, Gears, Cosmetics, and a ridiculous amount of more Content. I wouldn't mind joining the Crew (if they would have me), to help design all the new Elite Factions Characters. Each Faction can start off with 4 Characters each and over time more can be added to the mix. Just like the Tennos, you can unlock, buy and build the other Frames or the other playable Characters in your Faction. Don't get me wrong, the game is already Amazing. This type of content will increase the number of players and insure the Future of Warframe. I enjoy the game, keep up the great work. Thank you.
  3. What the point of having the Blueprints for an Weapon, if you have to turn around and purchase Platinum for more Weapons Slots? Freaking Ridiculous.
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