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    mute rp?

    syndicates get involved with new versions enemies, and revalent challenges / loot / rewards
  2. SnakeBadger

    mute rp?

    and new rewards to match these situations, i especially hate the procedure for juggeranaughts and opening relics, or finding catalyst with no oper uses, if the relics had other reasons to attach to the exp and growth curves players would craft and attach them before missions they could also be discorev, in the planets they could offer PVE interesting enemies and temporary applications for energy and free-roaming, or harvesting, musical changes also a faster way to deal with NPC chatter or environmental rains, this way players just gets points for the scenario's syndicacy.
  3. I'd be good to include other theme/SFX or music for the log-in windows and launcher for variety there should be a shuffle like the orbiter and relays -they could use a few other BGMs and NPC which spread from each faction and other visiting alien planets, ship corpus and vestiments for operators additional amps, and powers to go with the dojo and affinity of each faction/class/ of their tenno school, or planet that can be interesting ways to get augments or secondary weapons, temporary effects, and weathers could mean that snowing and windy planets get their own effectivive enemies and music t
  4. coordinates and keys could posibly be transformed into weapon parts in the future to give each class their own mechanic or mod a passive quality, i hope that some warframe abilities also get wall-latch and air-crouch modifiyers in the next years, zoom and bullet jump is next, but i could see these traits benefiting ragdoll mechanics of enemies and objects, knockback and ship synthesis, railjack does really good with screenshake and hits compared to a corpus ship or a grineer galleon, most openworlds are also inhibited from natural feel, fruits, arbitration keys also have no function, and i don
  5. I think that players should get a set of mods and riven with unlocking the xoris there should be a reason to master it, like a reward, as well as repeat blueprints and other items we get in the game, since we have a premium shop and we already own the items which can be attained through trading maxed out and full of endo easily than a steam transaction through other players and through high level fighting, blueprints really need to have some alternatives / an eye opener would be to include a set of glamour and items such as the sugatras, and reminders of the venues, tileset, if they are mailed
  6. okay here is what i think is wrong with protea and corpus maps, the whole medallion concept is chance, and dull because the enemy can just teleport at anytime if he wanted to, so advanced players can one-shot the enemy easily but there are no exclusive rewards other than releasing teh prisoners, gratification, and a chance at protea parts, well i know there is those weapons she has but i never seen them drop, so if am wearing regular level 1 weapon and i don't have a Xoris equipped. Running around the voidgate and giant hands with medallions turns out stupid, am going to fail drastically.
  7. everything fishing in this patch is way better than the normal stuff from the get-go, but it was somewhat bumpy because the map just points you to one area where there are floating fish and no predators so far, but i thought that maybe the fish running away could deal damage or have their own toxins and knockback, i think caverns and water should at least cause drag to some extent the realism is missing in water and grass, snow and other terrains, especially while holding the spear fishing is otherwise great with the new update in mars, but could use a patch which gives the fish some "EDGE" s
  8. Loid first time interaction did not work so i ran back to my orbiter, the inaros quest also has a simular problem, sorry for the quick post, lastly my last idea is to refresh old mods and ammunition or reload functions from pickups, and mission rewards, thus far blueprints also seem outdated for most weapons and webstore in the terms of how useful they are until players get the helminth room and other access zones in other relays or planets syndicate groups/ factions, so it might be a good idea to have some different values like the broken mods which have slightly different data/funtions or so
  9. The enemy soldiers would also subject to experiments and new ships, so each tile set should get some offending denominators to make bounties and missions less predictable for the helmith system to work giving those old areas a quick rewash and environmental variables for the doors and computer so players dont just rushout to extraction if they want to solo or stay in a mission to gather fungus, or fuel from fishing and minning, machines, or datakeys, and ammunition to forge new blueprint caskets and swap-gear, secondary weapons and the heavy gun would need a few new mods, and Zaw also would ne
  10. I wonder if the weapons will also see some feature with so many extra relics and blueprints that we get, maybe the foundry and other missions and town-npc will get a upgrade or feature inthe next patch i hope this helps the NPC who offer missions functions for keys and mods which go ignored or unimproved,
  11. Mighty9th is a really good game, but could be polished so hard by a real shooting game or a martial artist to have additional kicks and close combat, throws like how we have parazon, the environments are also left up to the users imagination so reminds me of some of our games tilesets which need features for the walls and doors. I hate it when good games stop getting updates and DLC, the whole PS3 and PS4 classics are a good example, so many games just go unpatched and occasionally get a extra character, for example FFXIII, Lightning returns, and i can see thats because they are foreign g
  12. Kuva fortress and other nodes are really rubish areas to add additional rewards and enemies, siphon, and enclave come to mind lunaro and helmnth or pet boosters when players arrive at each type of planet there can be "Adaptive"-presences" and sensory traits which go automatically like reason to explore or stay longer in those tilesets which have water and trees or sand to skip over some mod functions if our kavats or dogs come to help without equiping them like a spectre is wonderful if you added those functions to areas with wilderbeast like cetus, which works like a rental with those quick-s
  13. It would be good to have the syndicates supply the players with additional bounties and rewards without partaking in their normal missions so that the "helminth" can be feed, along with a railjack version, this can influence the fuels and archwing crowd, maybe we can hire the ventkids to partake engineer and upgrade our ship functions, the rigs, and warframe in the orbiters, and another assistant like ordis in the telecoms,offline clickers give players some credits, rightnow emails have attachments and occasional boosters, but i would like to see other items and reward types which automaticall
  14. I just want to say, maybe the player's MR can affect the types of rewards and abilities that players can use on weapons and pets too
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