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  1. i'd be good to have rivens and mods react to operator schools focus and which activate passive on them, while also using stances and abilities which have bonuses added to them when activating any combo attack, so blindswordsman attack 1 gets vacum and stronger the more you use it to unleash abunch of pickups and aoe tricks if you press it twice or more with arcanes, but i have noticed that rivens are somewhat static, like the rewards for kuva siphon and kuva lich rewards , but rivens should at least have a reasonable fluctuation stat which is like a living core so that players dont just roll them for no reason this can stay active earning from rolling and using it, this could be a sweet passive to secondary or primary weapons, or to the operator/transferance just like arcanes, maybe melee rivens get stance bonuses which add range, or regeneration of hp/energy so its a vampire style riven, while anothe rriven couldbethemed under SEDNA RIVEN BECAUSE you opened it there? so that it has power against the grinner or a themed aughment for which it allows some conditional cactus effect which triggers OASIS or MOISTURE wicking defense like deorarnt flavored rivens. Its just boring to get 3 good one bad rivens are so random, and rare that players just delete them, so have some reason for players wanting to buy disposition or way to upgrade them if your player really likes them so that they can frequent a particular planet relay, or pvp, lunaro, weapon , since you can merge weapons into +3 configurations a repeat synthesis or watever, at least this gives each syndicate a focus which enables them to grab the riven to fortifiy it as a personal focus, this can also be done in fortuna and cetus schools aughments which make per school type or syndicate type focus: *****example riven enhanced by darvo or clem would make sure your grakata's reload blinds, or that single wield grakata grant another revive or regen, while shooting at pickups causes extra damage ballistics dummies, katanas could get a warframe focus so it emulates the fire-rate of enemies, squadmate, banshe , and so-on bonus dagger from barook could be a counter attack but its passive so it doesnt matter, doesnt ahve to look like the same animation, it could just be used to block one hit, but triggers on hp pickup or watever to block one hit.watever!**************************watever! *********other example tentacle which attaches to the lifepods and extractors which keeps them from tacking damage is good to have normally regardless of wateever riven, but its ephemeral, and your pet gets stronger if you have a said focus on cetus's beast master riven, secret blood, returning players to each relay for a particular enhancement or trigger which is plastic or explosive made by their favorite NPC or one happy beer away from multishot cephalon style, but its made by fans so its trashy version compared to the real one, this way a kid skating and using archwing gets to have a few trashy rivens which are broken or are functional shards.
  2. that could be awesome , to make a few miniature based warframe furries and give pets more abilities, there was one warframe submision about shrinking MATRUSHKA was the one submision but it can be a bunch of kitsune and lizard or spider humanoids which workout nicele for archwing, there is not many variants for the forest tilesets to feel since they are dominated by grineer machines and dark ambiance, so its a good idea to let the forest be enfeebled by more charming muses, flutes, and stealth if the developers add a few more features to contrast with the tileset, the burning tile set was very cool for the titania storyline but it had no intersting rewards, the same goes for kuva siphon, it was just that it lacked blueprints and gifts which give depth to tenno/OPERATOR: ARCANES and modifiyers to make transference during missions interesting, otherwise players with who have more or faster fingers will just win, the requirements should give items which players can get ayatan statues, decorations or convert to weapons, kitgun parts from kuva fortress, and siphon make sense to also break off sonme antenaie by grinding or ridding a rail as the skateboards get better, but honestly cetus doesnt have anything good for players who get dirty fishing and who explode shiops that fly-in, the rewards for openworld are limited to bounties and need to spread out to other planets
  3. OKAY MY IDEA FOR A WARFRAME causes spinning and dancing circles, but otherwise i want octavia and ember to get other weapons and tools, a few seasonal events like hallowwen come up and dissapear all the time without leaving a powerful impact on warframe because they are temporary and dont add anything to the markets but strees to players who want the temporary items, i dont like temporary, so i think there should be a refund/styile warframes with alot of FRIGHT or FESTIVE rewarding with some mods and weapons handed out as experiments, i see alot of emails with concequences and assasination missions with grief themes, the kuva liches and bounties take up alot of time in the game from PVP, so a unique warframe lunaro type froggy will be good to give some joe a coffee esque adventure, i like MMORPGS, and one where the hero turns into a monster or transforms, this can be a transforming cat or slime master, CHIMERA, then he can use balls, a counter when hit from behind and backwards teleport lets you shift to the side like a Z-fighter, sending the enemyinto a rubble of ashes, or dissintegrating them into a pillar of light, there were few ideas for a TWO tone fighter who uses two gloves that was interesting to read, i find that worker bee happy, i like a few of these ideas to be NPCS and MONSTERS if they dont win the contests, to atleast make it to the game as citizens or operators / radio / ventkid people who have addditional sidequest mods or blueprints based on vocaloid i can at least come up with a machinegun teto style miku thingy which evicerates enemies like a cactus, and focuses on secondary weapons, mesa needs refinements and henchmen, there was another warframe which was awesome, it was holding an axe and was all about melting metal and SMOLDERING it had a drawing, it was really good,CD throwing, my drawing for my warframe about WORKINGOUT AT THE GYM and USING THE BOWFLEX is a good idea for some of the dry tilesets, he can use a pepsi, or call out spiderman, and eggs, and shoot lizards and spiders at monsters, it has a tail for hitting with a drill, and the other abilities are about RAGDOLL and PIANO so its a good one!!!
  4. AND KUVA SIPHON!!!!!!its terrible!PRO&CONS kuva siphons fail rates & rewards lackluster, hidden, not random enough, lets get this girls into fortuna and openworlds / bounties / story tenno rewards , points, and ammo, armcannons, swords, blueprints, gemstones, simaris shots a beam/ ordis uses machineguns or warframe ability if players have railjack and status points, syndicate resuply energy and cetus/relay bounty hunters/ savages/ robots use kitguns or zaws during to help, nightwave eventually should get her own kuva girl gets a pet and supporting brother new rewards for syndicate, new aughments , and floof new crossbow, and kavats new archwing blueprint and kitparts boosters influence melee, bounties or mission type per tileset, fortuna underwater sharks fishing update
  5. i think limbo is WAYYY to inconvinient and slow honestly i dont think limbo is that fun outside the orbiter, its somewhat predictable and confusing, unless your rework allows limbo to pull from the arsenal mid-combat or use archwing and carniflex magic like nekros through portals, maybe some speedhacks and teleportation aughments melee attacks and the passive trait, i have both the regular limbo and the prime am just not sure whats gonna happen, limbo is like a cetus citizen or a naruto dude lol it can be a good update if they reworked chroma and limbo realquick, i always though adding some stuff to cetus to encourage PVP will be good for players before they reach relay confusion, those places are just hell without missions or bounties or items, considering there is only one shop which is platinum based and nothing for the orbiters or archwing / railjack if the players are new to the game its confusing to visit a station for no reason, so just leveling weapons and completing story until updates and rewards are configured, just add snow to everyleveltileset.status100,and nightwave will be fine
  6. i love those too but i think it takes a really long time, maybe those could be moved to the notifications tab on the phone since they are so random or text message if ur into that sortastuff, maybe if you log-into the smartphone app the players get some boosters if they log-in, gps based or not, use the collected music and scans to impress friends, supermarket discounts!
  7. i dont like the rewards lich missions/combat give nothing, temporary boosters, augments and mods based on the squadron / tile / murmur or parazon combination would be interesting types of rewards for the players to gain if they helped and seeked treasure, especially if players are just farming kuva or doing kuva siphons should be given to players who assist based on the loot they discover, the enemies they fight, and the yield for robotics, archwing, and the rest. lich & murmur types equiped, and the enemies nearby so that its fun to help others. the ephemera should be earned by participating or converting automatically, with other moneybags, say the larva drops a navcoordinate or blueprint for a weapon, gemstones, floofs, and bandanna, orbiter decorations, and information if they escape, liches always run away too and dont give any loot, so were happy to see that the lich has parts that break-off, not just a blueprint, or some random ephemera / mod is found on the floor, because thats non-negociable, considering taht we have a UI for the liches and nothing for the larvas, its a good idea to get some other NPC involved and ordis in transmisions, maybe the operator can say something, and oldman/ npc can say hey, i need that handgun or that ferrate amount in cetus, and he hands u a nacre piece for trading and getting beachball and pre-event safety, all players wont knock otherwise. tenno rewards can we convert larvae into force specter or knights? they will also need a pet or some niche / themes / good at computers / passive traits / per tile-set to keep players happy: so the reworked spectre and larvae can be leveled up and grown for ship, relay, and sidequest, they can gather or be used for railjack, and archwing, minning, and fishing buddies! my dog is useless!
  8. Dunes & Desert maps in war frame, features only engineer feats, and grineer themes with no accentuation on the warframes that get there and few unlockables, the only shocking thing to find is a few escaping refugees and prisoners in some areas, to encorage adding new enemies and ships, weather changes, nightfall and replayability the desert planets including earth should see some new warframe ideas added i read a few that made sense, traps doors, say it starts snowing, or that some subterrain and floating tilesets start making more sense, otherwise players will always fall through, to take advantage of the falling we can add various flying creatures to improve aiming and enhance the lighting changes, and give out new rewards. Such as seing a minimap / UI with mantaray shapes and sensors which can be upgraded and includes the scanner item / toggles / upgrades. Enemies & Tileset improvements a few spiders from fortuna congest and merge with the infested for new enemies corpus arrival spiders nightwave enemies and halloween persist, which makes room for tennogen and players to devour candy, and allow for 6 new warframes or weapons, mods, and rewards for the desert tileset, old items, and a few new bosses. persistent contrast infested mutations & machines react to abilities and bullets by reflecting or adding AOE effects, PENALTIES, and slow players down, so some mutations can make players get stuck to a wall or floor, while other areas with sand makes players feel heavy or get reduction, the rest is common sense, rolling and jumping help but can be predictable, so players will need other shield and pet adjustments to survive the desert life. snow crunching alerts enemies, cetus NPC, robots walls have spiders and mods are latch and reload based movement & bullet jumping by gravity, magic, and sonar game-play, drifting winds can jam weapons or influence melee with curses and blessings ghost, golems, pest, sentients, and tenno lifepods, a second moon blured minimap and areas of hightension are fought with machineguns and soldiers which are stationed, a war between the factions, syndicates, and desert creatures makes room for new content which ecologist frequent use to gather water and cells from the nearby rivers the deserts and mining is dangerous, some fish are ill or have adaptive eyesight, and life-pods, but can be recovered. dirt should be stronger indoors....if you keep it in a mod or a bag or a treasure chest, then the calcified contents evolve, or are made into a crystal of sorts, it gets old, players will never see these tricks if they dont dig down, and scan the areas, why is loot so easy to get, like a selfie but with monsters and cretins all over it, way better. minning and fishing spear improved for scavenging and combat. treasure hunters and geologiest technology broken pipes and steam new machines for glitch and tenno to use additional security (more turrets, more spiders, more halloween, this can be random snow, dreadful night or howlin, temperature changes, and giant worms, there should be giant enemies and doors should be difficult to access if there is no machinery nearby players need to use melee to operate optional machines and technology / switches pet mantaray for orbiter, floofs, new music canteen -------------------------- -------------------- Desert usefulness of manta rays on warframes and orbiter driven off by temperature changes, indoors they can take a hit and shield players outdoors they attack players and shoot sand, belly = death, can be captured with rifle and sold, used, and explode, the eggs should be hard and incubated, mutations are posible with new powers, poisons, and well its scary to see a flat spider, but it gives u a cool idea for blueprints and mods!!! shawzin songs about geology, anyways. pet domesticated, floats around, singing, attaches to walls, and plays with fish, but it also creates ondulations and it can make coccoons/eggs to protect itself, so like chroma it has high camuflage and flexibility for the tenno its safe pet lore, ,trained for orbiter interaction, floats around, rescued/workshiped, used UI and relays/syndicate functuions. Back is calcified - does not take heavy fire but is affected by elemental weapons if hit on the probes venom can hamper weapons and afffect fire rate, maybe if u roll or the liquid will follow ----------------------------------the last thing i want to say is that the desert planets and relays need fruit and other citizen types, kids and pvp or skateshop encouragement should be broudcasted by hearing some new announcers, and that darvo will need a rank system and other wares, baro takes too long should have players reasons to play inaros again in the future to access new weapons, mods, and primes, the best i can think about is that some blueprints are in the tomb's scriptures to scan and mine the areas, excavators, and robots, players will need bodyguards, allow for some spectors, and kuva / corpus to follow up, until you make sense of the syndicate.
  9. was thinking there should be some vines which reduce movement speed or grab playeers, only seen those in other games which web entrances to impede movement, and monsters with status effects which are thic or toxin depleating HP, so what is missing in warframe are a set of tileset enhancements which stop players from just rushing through if at least per area to combat overpowered weapons and players from just extracting, can we come up with some good ideas for each planet, or tileset which can be new cannons or turrets with tazers, resident evil or invert settings which cause suspense in visuals, ice levels with slippery floors, and movement speed, hot sand, larger monsters, lets think about it
  10. AMBIBIAN/FISH FRAME/FROGGY? i also thought there would be other shark and fish improvemetns that could be added to warframe, since theres a whole water planet with its limitations reworked archwing, and at least enough to get the fishteam thinking about making that lance and hai-luck boiling with ideas , most players want to be able to use the fishing spear for combat, thust far its used as a laso to pull warframes through the water, but i dont see fishing as completor wholesome yet, because its limited to openworlds, the lakes and water tilesets are in other planets, so we see some flying fish enemies and rays who could leave their garbage with lasers and defensive nets, or bombs if they are to refund later those lakes to me are usually scary places for th eimagination, monsters, crocodiles, giant fish, submarines with enemies or guns could easily be a openworld problem, so fishing is just risky business, the introduction of large fish and a warframe with more aquatic magic technology, solor powers, and more than just one passive trait would be interesting to have the players spending platinum or using the fish, eating rice, and fishing coffee, the music for fishing is romantic, and bullets, there are no fishpets, just carcass , forest amphibians, and lizards, dragons, and warframes sub-less in gunfire breakouks of fire and oild chains of harrow and powered machnes, yeah corrosion damage its not that cool looking yet, and much of the water graphics would need several plaanets to have other features, we got inaros sand planet being like a dry-river but no enemies use any of the deset mechanics for hidding guns or placing traps, so its a very borign tileset in mars/venus when the enmemmies are just dying and getting killed, without much challenge, the sand monster is the only thing i seen, in terms of the states of the storm and wetness of the rain, we have some camuflage frames which can teleport and gain temporaries based on the weather, crouching, for ideas, and the status procs, so picking up energy and slidding could be gootgood warframe mechanics for a AMPHIBIAN FRAME.
  11. Skull+Hellhorse, based on sport weapons, explosive modes per ability to give it range, this can be like recoil based arcata, and other pvp/lunaro connections to popularize equinox and the other repeat warframe rewards, there can be some advanced craftign system to convert loot into different ammo/balls/which are useful to improve the gearwheel and, syndicate across the galaxy, like a rebelling set of tennogen discard piles and mutations, we have prisoners in warframe and enemies which don't smash up players, this can mean that the players spectres of pvp and citizens/rebels are thrown into non city planet nodes, escaping their confines, expanding the lootpool, and adding zing to a regular mission if they betray or help, or choose to compete, finding rebellious ways to deal with stress, outbreaking and escaping monsters appearing in other nodes and wares or loot which appear to use spiders and other gears for combat like vauban the relays will need more foundries and scientist which rewards players who visit with passes and discounts, bounties, and pet things, it can be good fart, idea is to give the broken pieces of robot to the dog to play with a few sick ideas is looking at the dog just salivating and plops of saliva and a grineer leg, or parts of a helmet in the orbiter, but the relays and pvp is bad, so i thiouigh there could be more gangs and leaders who apepar to spread chaos in the military and enemy ranks, but they can be friends and rentals for players who want to do bounties and railjack mor efriendly,essentially, or u can have the circuits addapt to magnetically, damaged if collected wisely, holding the reload button, or crouching grants some temporary thing, thinking more color palettes should go out too without much warning when players get through the story missions and get a new warframe, unlock relics, or open up lockers / caches, ther should be some rare glyphs, and technology prints there to get players going!! few options in cetus means boredom, so adding a said layer of rebels and hirelyngs will be interesting, if u can manage to zyndicate weave that will be great for bounties, and freeroaming, instead of just a body, few robots and rentals.our cooks will improve ur pets will be cared, ur sharpened blade sir? konzu drinking coffee, checking his cellphone, other tansmissions break through the townlife can be silent monotone, eidolons are barely a hazzard but are feared, should have more than just one horde in the tileset lacking enhancements and temps, trees should fall and explosions triggering other resources and enemies to surface from bellow i think the ghouls awaken during the basic of eidolon, nightmode is toodark, there are no ghoul based warframes or rebels, so meaty this and they die too easily to be considered anything important, so, relays and story based nodes and planets, vampire modes are boring or non-exclusive spots with lots of NPC the players will just keep having wetness, and ideas, and its illogical to no have a few weaponshops, platins, and NPC who want scraps, companionship, dogs, and musical forest of grineer base , rather drinking powerade or putting up sonme logos, a key, then waiting drunk is giving out cards bane the limbo and larva eggings, is not current for a tileset or relay, especialyl PVP, at the least we get kitbows eventually a crossbow and megdogshark, place the floofs here, and other decorations, tennogens, and breakshers who can break up a muse note, since there are none like the mirage league, a few warm foods, and nectarines, explode, snow and slipery women, who give out bounties a fruit or horde to collect is challenged by ruff bones, and magic gamauts, veilproxim ships in openword, rexes,.... players usually just run to extraction and go for the goal, so its funny to see other aspects explode or reward me bones, and parachutes a those are not strong and die in the air before, technically a bug, its best to have many hordes of enemies an zombies, eidolon links and tileset improvements, distractions such a s blights and environmental changes to interupt if the ships are coming in teaaring and shoving the S#&$ out of the skies with gasses and status effects to give cover to the grineer, bombs and machinegun wont do enough, there shoudl be some robots and ground troupes which block-off the airpannels, and machines which come to be usefullater, otherwise things just blowup, and they blowup again, so it becomes secondhand without a few mod/tileset reinforcers, sudden quakes, explosions, extractiing visiotrs, random enemies, and keys or temporary boosters hellhorse "burrito"can show up to fight or help players like a shadow guise, liches wont like those, where a cross-over event from destiny 2 or anothyer competing MMO/determined to donate more resources, i'd say a few guardians where to find a way in, like the redveil, intalling and helping machine forms, accessing the mutation nodes in squadrons a few could join the grinner and music which also has PVP and disable minimap/gear wheel, and some normal functions of the, if the tileset is said to be totally freezing and windy, the change is having a handshield, and flashlight, using ducking, and machinery hacks, parazon to travel, temporary ephemera and passive triggers for the other planets, so the blueprints seem second rate, the loot and drops should avocate fire-rate and reload functions of lesser weapons if the price is right, this gives earth levels and excalibur users reasons to loot lockers for charges, LED clips or ayatan stars purpose, and broken guns and robots purpose, if just collecting additional scraps withot having to scan those, the players who have robot and additonal pocketrs/ passives can carry more said loot to build or upgrade moas and robots that they already own, subsequent bullet and gear items for advanced players, and newbies get temporaries when they roll or collect over the grassy parts and corpses, music changes, and melee enemies versus gunners, lacks magical users and sport. , perplanet there should be some dominating new enemies and representatives which cue bonuses, statuses, or players will extract and surpass. while nekros currently only sports a perkill based summuning , & limbo doesnt have extra weapons or sikats to call up. all require energy and use none of the tilesets or dropped weapons from enemies, so it might be a good idea to get a scavenger class or robotic feat which magnetizes some weapons and loot/guns to use momentarily, unless u make adjustments to grendel's abilities and his load out when he eats things, the servitors and robots would benefit from earned passives and actions per tileset. this means that a moa can transform into a heavy weapon and have some HOLD and hacking functions to access a hand shield or HOLDSTER multiple weapons into the said machines storage compartments, while the floating robots can focus on BOOST mechanic for the warframe and deflecting bullets, multiples, and sensors, whats left is to give other tileset containers and machines more purpose and range for PVE exploration, otherwise things to scan can be interesting, this alerts [placemakers] and keys to discover instead of just extracting, the lockers and chest could be harder to crack, spore, gasup, having a few legs mimic in the worst levels of mutations the enemies woulnt be flesh but abominations that can block bullets and deflect some hits, given that symbiosis, walls are covered in the horrible to call nets to slowdown players, and other obstacles insterad of waiting ofr th eneaxt wave of enemies, there is plenty of toxicity on the infested realms to work with before worrying about what a single warframe can do outhere, which is basically kill and run, so the tricky part is making some solid and status effects really matter, knockback, deflection and other boss qualities, hobbled key is a good example but its expensive and unrewarding complex for advanced garbage with no guarantees or additional merits/growth, they could at least be used for archwings and vehicles in space later, and the orbiter. hell can show up to help like venom, morphing or grouping up in official chains, loot, glyphs, graphic/graffiti tagging some levels like the fortuna and cetus skulls, this is good placement for warframe because its youthful, but the sport aspect can mean that the older crowd can join up, red/blue teams persay, gasmask , liches do fine by themselves, not a whole lot of impresive shielding, so they take direct hits, unkless they were using more abilities or hired some tangs, eventually you can have a cerberus for the lich, a few machines, turrets and robots which change up the gameplay for players who are just helping out, new blueprints, glyphs, stolen resources that can be recovered quickly, or hacked can be guarded by the new factions and vigilantes, just like caches, but with turrets and respective timers. players want to try a non-warframe approach to controlling pets, so at least give those operators some bonuses for using kavats and additional passives, frialator - salads - the whole bombai feel with smokes and blackmarket would make hellcats a bounty hire or rental per galaxynode, guns, turrents NPC who can show up in battle such as citizens, and leaders can be a decent reward if unlocked or randomly with rare weapons and gifts, with the new kuvalich system it shoulnt be a problem to get enemies from the veil proxima torturing orbvallis, and ships in the plains of eidolon to escape the players ships, so it makes sense that additional military and monsters appear in other planet/ outside of the mission perspectives, you dont just have to run to extraction if there is atleast a way to get fish to attack players and gemstone caverns to deal with abusers, powder toxins, cretins, and demigogs, veilsaid that the little rodents and noises in minning are few casualties, no spider webs or anything to stop players from hacking and entering caves in freeroam means boredom, so i think! abilities: pasive ideas using loud colors, powders, environmentals, alot of warframes cant do much from prone/crouch, stances dont have passive or growth to lookfoward to per combo/its just endo+level up rightnow, the endo should be used to shop as well or trading with NPC, rebels, and associates, i really like vocaloids and rebels so the thing with fortuna having some skating semi early in the game works for me, although i think that the skateboard comes a bit late and its a bad reward, considering that you should give out some basic kitgun and bones to workwith and a traveling coat, skins, and further hammer and melee weapons like it was a rpg, ther eis various npc and colors, but the youth and machines going ignored can only be changed with more variety which mo to change too rally a few new songs in fortuna and expansions, the elevator music and annoying loadingtimes hav presets and bonuses of the brave players who visit rewarded with non-quest perdiems, so excavators just appear randomly and relics and kuva drop, whie some other game mechanics and pods aliven towns and openworlds without getitng too technical, without saying i done this bounty, am getting the same rewards, the dialogue its been memorized warframe is great, it just needs other operators and colors so you can easily use the ventkids / skull / hell and syndicate to fill in those gaps when eudico nees a break, nightwave will need other participants and enemies, music and hidden artifacts, sorties have bad rewards, at least add some riven sliver or guarantees, cephalon should have practical rewards for practicing and repeating mastery rank test, or using the scanners, such is karma influencing the enemies and planets nearby can mean larger enemies and different loot, blueprints, inbox messages. tileset improvements. rugs, glasses, vodka and celebrations for enemies and players to get emotes, weapons cocktails, explosions, this means deadbodies can fight, cameras can shoot trackers, and beeping triggerign a chan reaction, lockign doors, pannels to hack have more of a bursa challenge in the higher levels, the pannels will be difficult like the octavia quest, things to step on, or duck under, this means that more lasers and resident evil defenses can be deployed if a room is locked. as for my warframe idea.....with golf and basketballs, batteries, and puppet strings, i like one toilet paper like magician, and tennogen based psycophatic artist and magician, whoo is able to teleport and is an enemy who is a trickster, but can be a friendly ghost or watever, earth moon giant monster thingy which can be used orbiter spaces. tiredly hot cakes. legs extreme machine of shooting, then a kitgun part is given out in cetus when u investigate the npcs further sho[psare there, the old bounties and missions get a few new motors and stationaries for the orbiter and pets, not just guins, and glyphs, other rewards, aughments, and foods.
  12. I just feel like the boltor needs new features
  13. Thought of having a boltor with alternating chambers for eee,tripple tap, qqq111,123,which could use many ammo types and secondary funcs. Single Barrel boltor is a in game gift, My idea is to get a chaingun and archewing version of the bolt weapon, or at least give enemies a chance at these deadly weapons, ammo is spent, casual madmax weapon, 3 barrel 8 barrel 5 barrels 6 barrel could be ghoul parts or mods for the time being, which convert ammo into explosive traps, energy, reload or crouch funcs triggers, detonators, 5 poison types or sounds, with each reload a burst or way to charge it up, also thoughts of a shotgun version seem reasonable to make pickups interesting, all the maprici and guts, fish and treasure chest have NEW AMMO with augmenting speed and funcs per game area and tileset that can cause freezing and affect the melee parazon combo finishers rewards andrivens could get more types of roll characteristics, and feats I think there could be a REDsyndicate plugin or roll which offers GREED , VAMPIRE, HEALING, ENERGY FUNCS, SINCE most of the mystery of kuva is lacking lore, and insintrics, to give the boltor what it needs across each node more relay, bounty rewards with temporary or challenging modes for each gun, a reduction or refund Anyway typing from a phone, so knowing the boltor we have in the game are simple weapons that need other updates or functionality, I stay away from weapons that feel limited,
  14. terrible weapons could use planet/relay and bounty bonuses or special pickups per planet or enemy type, for instance "ballistica" automatically converst used ammo into slugs and secondary bullets, 0dormant and dominant weapons determinet-priority boost- enfeebled by work adn overheating, so if they are beieng used alot versus those that are dormant or unnused, the only thing i see is that players will melee alot or end-up switching to another weapon if the first one is empty, maybe robotics can get stronger if the players are struggling, i only seen invisibility and cover, but no special effective actions on the dog and robots, but the new update should change some of these, the auto-pickup thing however can become more interesting, maybe players who are wielding a regular weapon or old warframe can find ephemeral qualities and bonus stats without equiping such cards or modules, especially if they are minning or just in their archwing, some throttle their wings, and others roll and tworl evasively, another player gets to duck down and scan, shoot, and jump, but nobody sitting still waiting for regeneration on a particular platform, without their robots giving away their positions, and mod cards on their chest, you know what i mean? \lastly the VOX and other lichcards and murmur collecting is not fun for players who have completed the requirements or hey i just wanna help out another noob, so i find the XATA card and it has some shinywiring but i wanna use it on my operator, pistol, or sniper, not just the parazon, because it has no actual benefits or enhancements to add a reason to equip it, the parazon mods and lichcardsshould contain various benefits. such as the RUNE CARDS they all talk about stars, and ar if the player highlights them they should do a little spin or noises, players then have access to merits and hidden bonuses when you stack them, or spin them, especially in differnt game areas, OPTIONS if you use the parazon with XATA equiped or VOME then the player and operators or team-mates should gain some bonus HP, and SHIELDS, or something fancyer. this way players will learn to use the parazon for more than just killing, and during combat, not just as finishers, but maybe to unlock points, new moves, and temporary boasters shining red and changing colors, these parazon cards are too rigid and have not many variations or purpose other than as a minigame, under a tough system to finish off some overstrung opponent, some hussar i gathered. that the cards should have other purposes and further guilding, and syntheses per deck, adaptation, or school, so that they can become part of the normal branches and systems for the syndicates and submissions if they can. NEGATIVITY / PLAUSIBILITY players cant get weapons if they keep the lich only get a choice, its not a good system, the cards should offer other merits to finish binding players to their parazon/lich and planet, maybe to awaken those cards and transform-them, level them up to unlock stuff for operators and or as the authenticating they can become something which is used in reloads, or transfer bonuses which augment and liven stock.
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