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  1. so gauss for the most part is slimfit for speed so i dont think its about giving him regular lasers but a few melee weapons enhanments to the abilities and pickup system, maybe crouch and wall can deploy bombs or preload some abilities, the players need bending to get creative, i think rhinos is too easy, since he is bulky and has space for attaching rockets and passive defense systems, not just through modding, but you can figure electrocution and defensive features outside of using those as abilities in tiers, i think its worth rebuilding these basic frames to have modes like the amalgam and
  2. Blueprints feedback repeats, preview video on TAB, and RNG build rewards rubedo, glyph, etc. lavos bought will need exclusives versus build version, both versions needed should unlock a special reward, decoration for starters. whats really missing? well the problem rightnow is that you have no use for regular warframe and repeat blueprints, players can sell them and rebuild them but they have no use or randomized features, at least the players can get some left over items or loot as they build, say, spare rubedo wasn't used because the railjack saves 10% on rubedo, or condenser
  3. The arsenal is next, i think its a tad plain, its a good place to get, various loot and hints, players will struggle modding and finding more weapons, allow RENTALS of weapons and spectree with unlockable, earnings from various syndicates and relay involvement at the arsenal, there should be some other aliens or creatures in the orbiter per planet, like a maintenance sci-fi crew of robots or cephalons hovering over the warframe like ephemeral in the future, other games get gatcha and items, consoles are a bit plain, even if they look great, animations on icons and text is okay, but not t
  4. So Shaku / Pulmonares have a small video / combat showcase - the next step is adding mods and additional passives to exchange EXP and materials or stances which players can purchase, build and buy with platinum, etc upgrades to prime or +1 version and riven support, forma and amalgam faceplates later after the madurai and melee update i think.
  5. well rightnow blueprints just have build requirements and hours, its borring, you log in and get a pair of nunchucks, whats different about those than a regular pair
  6. TAB cycle should include a video preview and suggestion / tips
  7. yes i was thinking, the rubble hardens armor and weapons get refreshing reloads or punch through after some abilities, depending on the energy pools and nearby objects / atlas needs alot of work, he looks tough and hits hard, but needs to have sturdier pillars i think alot of gara development is sinular need for update to match the tennogen at least some mods and more passives should be added.
  8. Throws wall like a pizza cardboard sign, then your golems should roll up into a wall before they die and perform rolling attacks too, not just melee, i think golems don't last that long, and should be based on the planet unless the players mod them and buy skins "presets" so they can have team based palates and techniques, not limited to rubble or magma hardening, my favorite thing about Atlas is petrify , it should affect the walls and have air/purpose, but i think a lot of his abilities take too-long, you could use the wall in more tactical ways eventually transmutation nearby resources like
  9. well once you de-equip a weapon there is nothing to do, all warframes dont have native weapons like garuda, only abilities, so its a bit bogus if you get hit with a EMP or magnetic field in combat, you would have to hack a computer and use energy/abilities to survive, and that doesnt work in vampire mode or simular areas/planets with little miasma, so if you cant equip anything or use abilities, then you just basically going to count on your hp/mods, so thats why isaid if the players can at least have a set of tricks per warframe, not just a dash like hyldren, but actual PSIONICS and intellige
  10. Cephalon Cy, Simaris, and Syndicates would it be posible to have a few mods and original warframe or archwing content added, mods, and colorpalettes is a great start, we need more shops and spectre for the hangar, there should be some services inside the ships / orbiter / Railjack have alot of machines and boxes but nothing works outside of mechanics ordinance repair, there should be some minigames and things to do, i dont see any good sights over the planets like trees and water decorations, most consules need a nice update, the bounties in space could be made more interesting, am not sure
  11. In the future give players more warframe automatically instead of giving them blueprints and large stories, this is a good treat for new players struggling to get rhinos and limbo / chroma for progress before they quit to another game, am not saying to give lavos away, but the next two warframes should be added automatically with some weapons, there is alot of great suggestions in the forums / winners pages of the last contest, so am sure we could add a few updates to the arsenal which have flash cards and loot weapons, then worry about platinum later, so the players can easily try out more wa
  12. Oberon's Smite could have a build up added from melee attacks or primary, maybe switching weapons can add a level of defense or elemental booster, eventually, also i dont like the idea of magnetics/modules/cards for new players is technical. so it have reload and pickup functions added as the players collect them, they should gain small increases to damage or movement reductions in some cases, they get hurt and the weapons take a hit from explosions, but the pickups also get hit, my examples are like seing a blue energy orb, you know the enemies can see them but can't use them, and you could s
  13. warframe depends on weapons and mods, and occasionally abilities, essentially you move and strike with melee weapons, but there is a category that should be added for each warframe to fight without a primary or secondary equiped based on the pickups and player's equipment, they should be able to fight as oberon who can shoot some natural "organic" or unique weapon that the players dont have to build. the few warframe who have organic weapons right now are exalted and garuda, things like mesa wihch require the player to unequip their current weapon to use the claws or use abilities and ene
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