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  1. at least there should be some items in the tile set which give a bonus when the players have their warframe or operator and vice versa with some soft elements or sound effects, this can be grass which reacts in ephemeral contrast and water which cools & regenerates armor, arcanes usually do this but its too late in the game to enjoy the scenery of caves and stealth, hprecovery and transferancefaster in some environments and elements for combat, where in comparison the risk of performing actions as a operator is very high and unrewarding,
  2. autonomous means that if u have a robot it can transform some items into other resources, say if ur minning basic ferrite can be crafted or desynthesed into BULLETS or ENDO, etc. that can be done with a mod or upgrade interface for the minning item, passive traits for the operator, and school, relay, syndicate unlockables and rewards added to the tilesets. but combat overall should be improved with operator exclusives added so players dont just say well umbra is better, and everything else is cardboard compared to umbra, we should say that the tilesets should matter, nightmode shoulnt hinder gameplay, we could use some lamps or new devices, monster hunter has nightflies and fire-flies, destiny has some flashlights and the guiding light aka.ghost, but most players just run around with a dog or watever often the lighting is not perfect, void-mode is expensive so u are stuck without arcanes for a while if ur a new player to reverting to warframe gameplay and teleporting actions which often
  3. Though of a cool idea to have the smaller items such as bullets and scanned items combine with a mod equiped or new feature to create blast shots, and things for the operator or team-mates on the fly, since there are so many pickups and items to find across the lockers, though not much can be said aboat mods, this would mean that solid resources could feature their own feature with the minning or scanner, as well as destructive and passive or robotic boosts which affect the environment, as well as other ways to use them or turn them into power, if you so choose to defend them or sacrify your energy, for instance attaching the ayatan star to a computer nearby to control some cameras or guns, or how walking with one at hand or near it increases ur speed momentarily they have a boost which enfeebles the player or camuflages the point is to encourage the tenno and operators to look for resources which opens up new ideas for the current tilesets and the habitants. i was walking around earth just trying out the items on the wheel found out the minnign apparatus is compatible with the infested-peralic pods interestingly, anyways if shot it make a really loud noise like a machinegun, but could only be destroyed with a katana, or something so uh, it coudl also scan but not gain any focus points without lenses even though the operator is the one performing actiongs, often they dont get any bonuses from wisps abilities, or points without a lense equiped on the warframe, its almost useless for a low level OPERATOR to gain anything from playing a whole level without using their warframe, many will struggle so a few rewards and actions should be taken so that the operator can enjoy the plains or watever missions they wanna do after they complete their main scenario requirements. cetus and pvp should team up, with new cloaks, items for mixing, and rewards which encourage trying k-drive, zaw, ares is a great area but the syndicacy has no features for operators or uses when they are maxed or negative other than bullying and an ocasional specter, they should send in reinforcemetns from ships or vehicles added robots and features to support players in some missions, even if its a small booster or drop-package, energy prism, its done well in sedna but keys are required, elemental enfeeblements and features from mixing can be added to reload and secondary fire and charged u-p into deadlier shots or rewards. i have no idea what else, but at least there should be some quick synthesys and various operator mode rewards which would make sense outside of the focus and school abilities for players who cant get past the eidolon and fortuna, all there is , is glamour, and not much is gained from defeating enemies as a human versus being a warframe, warframes will get mods for their weapons, and alot of good rewards, and as far as i am told, you can't gain any points or special rewards from using ur human form, or bonuses, and like i said, i usually walk around with a 3.5k voidblaster, just coming uyp with ideas to advance the game areas and missions, cheering people up and helping noobs, there are nightmare missions with really low incentives, so the ante and rewards need increase.
  4. i just leveled another warframe to level rank 30, STILL gaining no points on my operator. i just want this to work-out for other struggling players shoulnt have to equip lenses, just shoot things and use teleport and gain some respectable non-warframe rewards, the focus lenses should be used for crafting zaws and kitbows, robotics, and upgrading the ship and minimap in the future, though they already have a great purpose of magnifying the points players gain who equip them on their weapons (ps- i have done this ) the functionality is brief and lack luster in their basic, so any improvements to lenses and operator are extremely welcome with the coming updates, i fear rail-jack is taking up way too many resources and that basic things on the tenno side are akward compared to the 45 warframes, although there are other weapons to find through the market trades, am stuck with a 3.5k blaster which needs a high mastery rank and TITTLE just to GUILD it REALLY>? its like starring at mildew....why.... this is like when i bought hyldren because she can use a heavy gun, but found out that she can't pull it out unless you are rank 6 and beat orb-mother, then collected enough points to just use a archwing weapon, so my hyldren is forever gymped, mean while i finished my railjack quest waiting for something to happen jsut compacting resources for like 2 hours, luckly i caught on, but like i said without a lense, or a warframe you can't really gain any experience points on your operator, even if you are the one doing all the blasting and getitng all the kills, you are stuck with the lense approach, and so far this hasn't worked out perfectly otherwise i woulnt even be here.
  5. and yes i been playing unairu ever since, still having problems stuck at -0 points, sweating tryhard devs helpme!!!!
  6. the problem is that gaining focus outside of your warframe is basically null at my level, i have been gaining like 3 points per mission, and woudl rather see that some of this leveling system and it''s rewards are adjusted so players can take more risk, we only have excalibur umbra who goes on autonomouisly from my understanding this is how i learned to play solo so i played outside my warframe for like two months gaining NO focus points, taking all the yellow balls, 3-300 points at most, so outside the lenses for warframes and the posible affinity flares (expensive) i rather see a realistic set of patches and fixes added to players who are rewarded for doing non-warframe activities, as well as gaining a set of points, cosmetics, and syndicate play, 100% missions i already with my operator , and it sucks to play without excalibur, other warframes just sit there without helping unless you trigger some turret' or stationary ability such as chroma's chroma, and his fire breath AOEs while you transferance, many of the higher levels the lag is so bad u have to equip auto-parry, and its scary to jump out from the warframes where the monsters are just moving faster than your internet speed. syndicate missions, loot catches, mod transfer, maybe focus can be added or other gifts or that there can be additions to relics system and foundry which are also beneficial for the operators, other wise i think these missions are redundant or predictable. focus points earned outside of your warframe should be slightly more forgiving. allowing extended operators to play and take more risk, bigger rewards, this woudl allow for a new pick-up system which can be used to power up the void-blasters, and to help team mates, and gain temporary boosters from a different variety of spheres or flying enemies which rightnow only drop mods, the fat kuva are very fun to defeat, but no special operator rewards or focus points are earned for performing any transferance actions, or combat-bonuses, unless arcanes are equiped, they are great enemies in the game, i was once captured as a tenno and the trap disabled my ability to respawn, so you can see i been playing a while, but its no fun when you have to rely on your warframe to gain focus points when you just got started in this game and the rewards for completing syndicate and eidolon are barebones. at last sedna missions at least have those giant keys which allow for some duration based booster to speed up movement speed on tenno/operators with some mediocre idea this can be added to other game areas, nightmare mode and arbitration currently have most of the assets which make the game feel less repetitive, locking players behind a shotgun only was byfar the best idea, but you could still escape the warframe suit, and so on. so lets try working on a few NEW ways that we can gain focus points without lenses or warframes, so operators can play too.
  7. not that simple for players who play without lenses and who try other techniques to gain any focus while play testing new weapons and new warframes, am just saying there should be other ways to get players to gain focus without just relying on the yellow balls, and the lenses, after all like i said, there are many weapons and mods which already have forma or school adaptations, now syndicate mods and augments, and auras aren';t particularly beautiful or dedicated to giving players points , so its down to how much customization the operators and tenno don't have compared to how much warframe players with lenses can enjoy the game, i find that i play hard with my operator and am not gaining anything, all the stuff i get from missions and such things are for my warframe as well, so there's at least room to escape the arcane and warframe mentality, players use heavy attacks and are exposed ot weaknesses during this time your operator is free to leave the suit for a quick fireball, but he/she never gains anytypes of rewards, or points, so leveling focus is really pathetic, so we can also make sure that we get operators some melee additions, and a easier way to focus, reworking melee and acrobatics for the operators, the balls, and adding some basic Arkanes refinement or points to make endo and ayatan more functional choice between player and robots, not just lense-crafters.
  8. concerned about focus points requirements are high even though mods are pre-polarized with each school before forma and lenses also i been playing unairu class for 2months getting 0 focus points, even though i play a whole mission outside of my warframe killing things and using all my passives and skills, jumping and charging attacks with my blaster, hitting those yellow nodes, it all doesnt matter unless u have a greater lense and that all your warframe's equipment is stacked with lenses, so the operators who really great at reviving, teleporting, and saving kuva-transference, armor-tripping, get no rewards. also things like operator melee diversity, and charged attacks, double kills feel great but have no rewards, wall dashing during or aerial combat with tenno, or doing kill assist, opening lockers, or accessing panels to hack go unrewarded for the players in voidmode who use everything they got in the game activating spheres should have other featuers for combat based on the planets maybe many different types of condition visuals, and graphic areas could be added some domino areas which also affect teammates upon discovering some objects which allows for greater parkour and movement speed for operators, the warframes could have some increases, and critical hits or fire rate could go up for smalltime, say maybe one pickup could be shoot at from far away. which is on top of a building and it rains down various loot and credits, with prolonged effects, octavia is a good example but its rather messy to just start ducking and expecting to feel any benefits from her musical abilities u can see many things active currently if ur in her team, but nothing is as good as wisps powerups, so there would have to be other pickup time of items from the kills, lockers, and extractionpoints or other gameareas, according to the weather forecasts, syndicate affiliation, sigils and glyphs equiped to be used as modifyers, or mods polarity to proclaim, some type of benefit which assert gravity, and reload, slide, and acrobatics per tileset outside from the basic nightmare modes, you will need to remake nightmare mode into something mroe interesting and rewarding. arbitration by far is the greatest feature in the game but it has poor rewards and unforgiving chances to lose, i think that from there can you give more areas nicer reductions and conditions without relying on big bulky graphics, i have seen some games doors and destructible tileset walls, which are inexpensively realisticly some spiders could stick a player with webs or cause electrify briefly to not cause major headaches. i have been defeated once in the game with a device which caught my Operative and woulnt allow me to revive, it was a really painful experience, but i am trying to be more careful so i dont get caught again being playful with the enemies during KO status all you can do is paddle, and wait for something to happen so maybe this is a good place to use heavy attacks and hit close range targets with the parazon for a inaros like effect t would have to be different sound effects and rewards like the kuvalich system, maybe you can get some carbides and relics or endo if u succeed in reviving or defeating a horde of enemies while you are down, especially if you got downed while you are in your operator mode to extend the duration of your armor, and time before you just die, since you have a pool of energy and a warframe nearby or a pet who can or should do something to get you up, i have seen some mods that are like 15 points that give a overshield but its expensive to equip something like that should be free or a passive, or be changed to retrofit the players taste, materia slots in final fantasy at least allow for some flexibility.
  9. Unairo and other schools should with the lenses apply to space missions on the archwing and water combat, maybe minning and fishing can have some fish with runes on theri bodies, and treasure chest which eventually have some points for focus, ultimatly the lenses should spread affinity and allow for greater combat effects, not just improve the points, theres other pickups and energy, weatherization and missed shots which can be formed into arrows and noise for a dev to have fun with, while the slots and mods already have formas and heritage, robotics and before i forget umbra excalibur is the only warframe who can fight with the tenno, alongside, i mean this sucks for players who want to try other warframes in the game, i can only suggest that more operator acrobatics and finishers, and attacsk be added other than the blaster related lamp, and trinket ephemeral, profile glyphs from bounties and such other undergarnments will be good until you fix the focus points and weapons issues, lenses look really promissing but they turn out to be as useless as the non-prime warframes until you find other rivens and aughments which will solve that much, maybe u can make trading warframes parts for ship, or archwing, kitgun, and vehicle parts and kit-bow bolts, etc.
  10. jordas golem can be archlined out of bounds, poor rewards needs augments and special bullets, music, and tenno items. stomping robot should feature a block and resist agains archline also other rewards mods, parts for fishing, minning commerce , tenno accesories, and runes. bad syndicate rewards and missions could at least have other loot types and enemies, or favorable updates made so they are fun to do, nobody is ever doing them and because the points are limited nobody will either will get ignored or will not be seen, i have taught many players about the consoles and relays, but there is not much for rewards at low tiers to be interesting concept, and when players are ambushed theres not that many rewards for staying so players will just leave the trying player alone straight for extraction until the stuggling player like me either wins or looses, the stalker also should give other items for zaw, weapon's mods with augments and special paletes, orbs, nav coordinates, glamour and loot, being logical, there is not alot for the trying everyday player in the syndicate missions and modes, other than struggling around the same levels for orbs, the lockers are and caches have no competitive or great rewards, lenses or special features, puzzles, and rewards is really making players act ignorant towards the syndicate and cephalon game, scanning, and operator.
  11. elemental visuals and heavy attacks are slow and repetitive or lack luster. so the players have few options stuck with toxin or blast no known other combinations or explanations make melee modding boring parry, and healing/ vampire and robotic mods could be nicer and feature green luster.looking at the digits and rewards screen remake (players want to see heals and other visuals. umbra ideas for profile and advances to operator combat, would be good to hear something when you highlight or scroll over the forma and umbra / and switch categories, in profiles and upgrades screen, and pvp. tenno stuck with armblast melee is very S#&$tty ARCHWING any kitguns / zaw for space, and water combat. new rewards? accesories? sigyls? profile update? customization? ARCHWING or new mods? aughments? rivens? arcanes to find during bounties or mission rewards which could be great for the operators and tenno who get new friends and repeat story missions, levels, and open relics should be rewarded with other interesting parazon mods, bullet types, and arrow acc. graphics, a fire arrow and some heavy attacks for charged shots, and elemental bows. because of the shotgun only i think there should be some new graphics that aren't bloody and ways to perform takedowns, or rish bullets maybe a plasmoidal shot which is charged up like the operators can be added on some different energy pickups for weapons to join the heavy attacks, and to make defeating commanders, and continuous fighting shoulnn't leave enemy ships vulnerable, they should come in with sone heavy or charged AOE bombs or mini rockets, and taregt large areas with barrels and monkeys, not just haste in the emote. the grinner just jump off their ships, predictably will get shoot mid-air, there is a few who survive via canisters, along with the stomp-ee robot who can't defend against arch-line, and has no rockets or really visual blasters or great rewards, the fish are decent, but there should be some aughments, robotics and other mods to find, or scanning points to craft archwing weapons, and different melee weapon like a sword n shield, or a special palette to aquire with the floofs, tags, or special multipliyers, players will just ignore the large robot or find it annoying often, because, the eidolon is also difficult, so i havent tried the tier 2 because i have no idea how to damage it, there are many rewards but no essential fun items to get from it which can apply to combat, broken parts, unlike monster hunter so its predictable, it should benefit from other lighting, shields, and rewardtypes, sounds, and music. fun there can be temporary weapons added to pickup or other acrobatics, i still see players runnign around with really basic weapons such as the kunai, skana, and bolt shooter boltor' and they dont even know how to get a zaw or kitgun, or get a new warframe, usually they get limbo, but no idea how to get other ughments or powerups, with so many planets, i think maybe the best option for now is adding new rewards and music for each planet.
  12. other complains+ideas, operator and tenno should be welcome to gain exp without lenses and focus points to be useful for weapons as well to encourage players to unlock other passives in modslots, endo upgrades / syndicate relays and otehr school should spread to PVP and per-planet relay into new content for tenno, accesories, weapons/armor, pets. also that robotics and other rewards be added to hacking and encouraging puzzle saving prisoners, and replayable missions such as randomizing the contents and rewards of relics, as well as the types of enemy structure in some missions so its not predictable, say kuva starts dropping in earth from lockers you find cephalon or hints to travel to other areas of the map instead of jsut edxtracting. last thing the ellow entities could be mimics and special rewards upon pickup various enemies could also allow for the extra points mode to activate like the combo system, weapons and mods already contain the unairo and tenno schools but gain no focus points, please try to merge these systems and use lenses for other things, maybe add another palette for cololring, and bonuses, SFX, VFX, music - one problem i just remembered that i been collecting many music scanned in each planet but i only have 3 avaliable songs in my personalized quarters, and that proggress to railjack and some story quests is either hidden or akward, for example there was no way to know how or what happens after players complete their railjack other than watching the stream to know and no great rewards other than a railjack, i think some weapons, rivens, kitparts, sigils, and accesories which relate to the crew: mechanics, pilots, and new subclasses which can be earned willb e convinient add, but dont forget that we have this problem with earning schoolpoints and the minor annoyances of pvp and tenno / operator customization, the options are slim without purchases after so many story proggress, i think there should have been many other options and amps or weapons to equip, i dont even own one ZAW and i been playing this game for a while. taking a break to play.
  13. in the future. storyline and replayable missions per planet or bounty, syndicacy should have other types of rewards to become inviting to other players, rightnow they are strickly soloist and are hindered by the dailycaps. and give no special rewards or rivens, so the items like rivenshards and kuva, relics are great additions to get in their respective areas, we need other items to be added to arbitration and the storyline and respective school of combat and syndicacy in order to get players trying different modes also i think pvp and relay needs a post update ASAP, especially syndicacy, but this hole thing with kuva constricted areas and planets should be revisited with some tactician robots or assistant army who will help and other new rewards in order, include other thinkgs for the players to get distracted or broken augments, kitgun , archwing, and new enemies for those areas, along with a new system which simplifies operator pickups and points, there are lockers and many enemy yet am not making any progress, so am doing level 80 missions with a weak ass operator stuck with weak abilities and passivve, my void damage is 3,500, i tried leveling for 2months my unaro and am still just at level 2, its a really horrible system, at least give players more cosmetics and palettes to earn or gain with the mission rewards screen you should consider reworking it, lich is good but horrible atm.
  14. i have played for months stuck with just level 1 magnetic punch and another absorb/reflect style passive for my tenno school, i have earned my way into a level 2 cannon that i crafted from various eidolon shards, but am struggling to earn points, everyone just tells me to get a greater focus lens, just to get by, but in reality i think its not fair, players should be rewarded for their skill level, and missions that we help and rescue or salvage with the use of transference and without requiring a complicated lens' system SINCE the (guns mods) + (slots) already reflect the qualities of each school, you should base or create a rewareding formula or make players earn endo points for upgrading their mods in the future, adding kuva and other gifts, also the kuva lich system currently is annoying, i havent been able to find any of the runes required and i jsut keep getting my stuff stolen, i have more fun painting my operator and warframes in the game rightnow, issue 3 is that the storyline quest for mirage with riddles is too difficult to figure out and i have to go on google or youtube to look it up, the email is abandoned somewhere, most of the story missions, and replayable content needs better rewards and, i like everything in the game already. but somestuff like the school system is too technical and difficult with a large set of weapons and lenses its not easy, i have done many missions and walked away with 0 points for my current focus, having all the abilities equiped and sill gaining no experience points, am stuck.
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