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  1. What about missing owned infested k-drive blueprints in foundry? Nooo... I really liked this it was funny :( Seeing other mechs running with your stuff 🤣
  2. I was only able to build the feverspine.. the rest aren't available in the foundry I think I'll wait for a fix ;)
  3. Nice drops :) I still need 1 damaged necramech weapon receiver and 5 scintillants 😅
  4. I've got them in my inventory but can't find them in foundry (using search oc) They're bp's you need to build
  5. me too 🤔 I got some bp's but can find them after the update
  6. As it was in some past streams, I'm only gonna get 12 duplicates of only 1 drop. and it can only be something that I already have and not need or something useless :)
  7. Last time I didn't receive Tyl Regor noggle although I did watch the stream.. the only one I actually wanted lol just my luck.. Hope there will be no blunders here....
  8. The fact that you can only get 4, all of them can be the same one.. so technically you can get only 1 This is poor drop design.. if it was like the cards drop when you we're able to watch other streamers (in the scope of WF oc) you get a random every 30 minutes (correct me if I'm wrong) that was acceptable BTW I got Frost, Saryn and Vauban Wish we we're also had a chance to get Clem :)
  9. Today I was caught up in an infinite loading screen when trying to (publicly) join a mission in Gabii, Ceres. I was able to move my ship, others were also able and I was stuck there for 5-8 minutes before Alt-F4 the game.. saw other people orbiters come and go lol they start to move their orbiter like I did.. When I was the host playing as Vauban Prime with a friend Excalibur Umbra (was limited to invites only) This is how my friend saw me driving my Necramech in Cambion Drift between bounties:
  10. Please fix Perspicacity I put it on Ivara and sometimes (very commonly) casting it does nothing.. 😐
  11. 30 Minutes before the stream we had a power outage that lasted 6 hours. how lucky am I? :|
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