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  1. My kuva lich seems to be misadventures and spawned in an inaccessible air vent on Oceanum, Pluto (spy mission) 🤣 as shown below He's just standing there doing nothing, saying nothing and I can't get to him.. I can kinda hit him with the AOE of the Proboscis Cernos but it's not enough.. and if it was, I won't be able to finish him lol
  2. Didn't get anything for Emissary operator suit too. don't know about earlier stuff
  3. I'm on PC and I didn't receive rank 28 as credits too. don't know about earlier ranks tho..
  4. I already don't like Twitch Drops 2.0 I usually watch the streams with the chat window closed. now we have to manually catch the drops 👎 awful Also why not change the criteria to 30 minutes cumulative (in total) instead of consecutive minutes? if lets say one is watching the stream and after 28 consecutive minutes he's connection went down for 4 minutes he won't get any reward 👎 awful
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