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  1. When did you make the calculator? I seriously looked at every wiki revision since Scarlet Spear, I saw nothing about double applying buffs or weird mod interactions of that kind. That might have been older functionality, but I've settled on trying to compare the state right before and after the shadow change. There's just so much grey area it's hard to place my finger on anything. I wish I could play test old contagion to actually find the scope of this change.
  2. Okay, I think I've isolated the differences before and after the change. I'm just confused why damage mods aren't calculating onto the 2nd explosion and DoT in your spreadsheet. I've been looking at the past revisions of contagion on the wiki and I can't find anything that says the damage mods only affect the initial explosion. So I'm going to assume that they should apply and that all damage instances are twice the stat of the strike. Also from what I'm gathering from to the wiki, CD is one of the stats that gets doubled. Here's My updated chart: The numbers seem
  3. Everything on here looks great, only thing I'm noticing is that it seems you didn't account for the kripath's CD applying twice. The formula for F10 just shows (2+F5) instead of (2*F5), so Plague kripaths CD's calculation on there shows as 4.2x, not 4.4x. Unless I'm mistaken and it only adds 2 instead of adding the zaw's CD.
  4. It still feels like more than a 50% nerf. I'm looking through past revisions of contagion on the wiki trying to piece the situation together. I'd like to make my chart as accurate as possible, because it still seems like a harder hit than just half. If you happen to know any weird bits about how it used to work I'd love to know them.
  5. While I don't want to get off topic, I actually use the lack of Necramech vacuum to keep energy orbs on my warframe to use as an on demand arcane energize proc.
  6. Until they acknowledge it, it should be treated as a bug. And such reported as one. In response to the Gaz video, I love him but he didn't do a great job explaining why it needs to be fixed. Q and A for those not too familiar with Exodia Contagion and the situation. Q: What does Exodia contagion currently do exactly? A: When you air melee after a double jump or bullet jump with a zaw equipped with this arcane, you will launch a projectile. The projectile explodes on impact and lingers for a bit. If it attaches to a target, it will inflict a few damage ticks
  7. I was just trying to highlight a not too abstract scenario of a newer player who might feed helmith Valkyr and might never revisit her because they can put her arguably best ability on any frame they want. But with the subsume nerf, she uses her arguably strongest ability to it's fullest potential and that player would have incentive to get her again. Which is why I'm happy with the change. There aren't a lot of berserker frames that work like Valkyr. I could see myself putting a number of abilities in to expand her kit into a niche of another frame. While the possible ability combinations are
  8. I was being narrow minded about the playstyle of valkyr, for which I apologize but also to an extent still stand by. I'm a math nerd. I want big numbers as fast as possible. And it's my assumption that many of the the "MIN-MAX"ers are in a similar boat. Valkyr does have variety in her kit, all frames do; However one has to ask "How much of that is relevant?" I look at her abilities and see a trend. 1= Cheap Mobility/single targert control. 2= major melee speed boost, minor cc, armor buff. 3= Mediocre CC, decent with augment. 4= Temporary sustain ability to dish out damage, replenish health, an
  9. Uhh did you read my response carefully? All I meant was that Roar is fundamentally good and that I'm glad frames like Valkyr are going to keep some edge over the subsumed ability. I didn't pick roar for this list, and I'm honestly not too happy it's getting nerfed either. I wasn't calling it OP, never included those meaningless letters in my response. I don't go "NUU THATS TOO STRONG" I want strong things because I want fun things. Personally, It saddens me when the meta shrinks, I like variety in this game. And to relate to your points, I loved the cyanex and I absolutely hate
  10. I have experienced all of the warframes, I've played each of them a good bit and got a good feel for them and their abilities. Many people have brought up the problem of subsuming the only worthwhile/desirable ability a specific frame has. Like Valkyr for example. Ripline is a joke. Paralysis is meh cc and not really worthwhile considering her playstyle. Warcry is great, practically her bread and butter. Her 4 is usable, uniquely gives her temporary invul and life steal and can really compliment her kit as a berserker tank, BUT. Like many before me have said, you can just drop warcry on a bett
  11. Roar even with lowered stats is still going to be one of the best options because it's a fundamentally sound ability. The damage boost will affect a lot of damage dealing abilities, by a multiplier. Meaning that in many cases, it will likely outperform the helminth ability empower. Food for thought for the math nerds. Still excited about the system and I'm kinda glad that some of the nErFz(insert clucking spongebob) are hopefully going to keep some appeal of original Frames intact.
  12. Hurr Hurr banshee go breakey another MR Test. What does that prove? Absolutely nothing. I just did it again with Khora, it's the same thing. It can be done with Rhino, Frost, and Oberon too. All that proves is that the MR 14 test is badly made and should restrict gear items and abilities. It's not even a hard test when you do it "properly". It's just another silly test that can be cheesed. Congrats by the way, you're one step off from getting to MR15.
  13. @zanzibar9 I'm going to assume that you did not notice my reply. I encourage you to find it and please consider what I said.
  14. I mean keybinds are usable with controllers. I have my D-pad left and right rebound from the ability cycle to swap camera side(left) and gear item 5(right) to drop an energy pad. Always used the ability menu anyway so I considered those to be free spots. Not much else can be given up without compromise tho. You have rebind options available for just about every input, so I don't imagine there is much of a porting issue with Key Mouse, but I don't personally own one so that's just my assumption. Additional tip for XB1 users, if you download the companion app and link it to your Xbox,
  15. By the Void. Grown Adult tenno squabbling at one another, picking apart replies, casting unnecessary shade. I'm about certain both of you are older than me, I'm assuming, living mature adult lives. Why are you wasting your time and effort bickering on such a silly matter? guzzmantt1977- You were making such constructive replies at the start of this thread. Part way through you stopped being constructive, and started being rude. Zanzibar9- Initially, you peacefully presented some interesting opinions, I don't agree with all of them. But I'm not supposed to, they're opinions. Then yo
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