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  1. Its all good, with the fixes, thanks for that. but i don't really see any changes mentioned regarding Virtuos Shadow not procing with void dash through eidolon head.
  2. So, was nerfing Virtuos Shadow from procing by void dashing eidolon head a "FIX" in this hotfix?? So void dashing into enemies and hitting them apparently not a non damaging attack? then why bother with so many school perks that focus or change on how it reacts to when it hits an enemy?? why not "FIX" those too?!?!
  3. There goes my 2 go to zaws, plague kripath and sepfahn.. while no buff to my 3rd go to zaw cyath...
  4. already made war. got the parts for broken war from SS. thanks for the tips.. guess i gotta buy nyx delux and possibly saryn delux again... :')
  5. So.. do I have still have to pay full price of a delux skin bundle if I already own the skin of said bundle? I bought a few skins only at the beginning.. well lets say infancy of my tenno life when i either did not know bundles exist or how they work. now looking back i see a few bundles have weapon skins and syandadas i would like to have and i'd like to get them but i don't really wanna pay full price of a bundle when i already own the frame skin.
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